Nothing Phone (1) feature is on show in its first real-life appearance


For the first time, Nothing Phone (1) can be seen in the wild.

(Image credit: Rafael Zeier)

As the reveal of the Nothing Phone (1) nears, the phone’s first appearance in metal has revealed a few more details.

One of a handful of lucky attendees at an event in Basel, Switzerland, was Rafael Zeier, a Swiss tech journalist and YouTuber. Thanks to his generosity, we now have yet another look at this much-anticipated smartphone, thanks to his YouTube video.


In a recent announcement from Nothing, we saw the phone’s basic design. But this video gives us a better look at the LED lights on the back of the phone. You may recognize them as the strange symbol Nothing used to tease us before revealing the phone’s full back design.

A decorative line pointing to the top right corner, as well as a line pointing toward the charging port, are all surrounded by these LEDs. While it’s exciting to see them come to life, we’d like to know if there’s any significance to the flashing lights.

Maybe they’re just for show, like the RGB lighting found on some of the best gaming phones. Another possibility is that they’ll come on when you receive notifications from other apps. The notification light on the best Android phones currently on the market has all but disappeared. Because of this, the return of the Phone (1) in this form would be a major coup for the company.


Optical image stabilization for the cameras may have been confirmed by the video. The lens of the upper camera of the Phone (1)’s two cameras is clearly shaken by the loud music in Nothing’s venue, suggesting that this will be the primary camera. The inclusion of optical image stabilization (OIS) is a positive sign for Nothing.

Nothing indicates that the Phone will be available when it is announced (1)

There’s a lot we don’t know about the phone yet. You can, however, order a Phone (1), but it hasn’t been described how to do so and obtain your hands on any unique models.


From the 21st through the 23rd of June, the first 100 Phone (1) devices will be auctioned off via the online auction site StockX, as revealed on Twitter(opens in new tab). Bidding on highly desirable things is a big part of the site’s business model, so it’s possible that these phones will fetch more than their MSRP.

When the Phone is officially announced on July 12, we’ll get all the specifics (1). Due to Everything’s efforts to build enthusiasm for its phone, expect additional teases and tiny announcements from the company in the weeks and months running up to its release.


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