iOS 16: How to unsend a text message in iphone


You can now rescind texts that you accidentally sent.

Next, you’ll learn how to delete a text message in iOS 16 Messages once you’ve learned how to edit one. Even though the two new iOS 16 features are designed for different purposes, they both operate in a similar manner.

Unlike the new edit tool, which is designed to fix those pesky errors that sneak into our texts, unsending a text message addresses a completely different issue altogether. Many times, I’ve accidentally sent a text to my reading club or fitness group while believing it was for my partner or husband. Sending a text message to the wrong person or group can be humiliating at best, but it can also lead to uncertainty and worry for the recipient(s) of the message(s).


By reversing the damage that was done by sending the message, you can undo some of the harm. However, there are a few caveats to keep in mind when using it.

You can undo the transmission of a text message for 15 minutes after it has been sent, just like when you rectify errors in a text message. When you unsend the message, it will be gone, but a note will be placed in its place to indicate that you remembered something. People who use older versions of Apple’s mobile operating system will still be able to read the notification.

Here’s how to undo a text message send in iOS 16’s Messages application.


To undo a text message, hold down the home button and choose the message you wish to undo. If you wait more than 15 minutes after sending a message to undo your mistake, you’ll lose the ability to undo your mistake.

Select Undo Send from the pop-up menu that appears.

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When you select a message to modify, an animation will display and the message will be removed from the thread.


One of iOS 16’s more obvious enhancements to messaging is the ability to delete a text message. In addition, the texting app now allows users to work on a variety of files, including papers, spreadsheets, slide presentations, and more. If you want to watch a movie or listen to music with friends, you no longer have to make a FaceTime call. Instead, you can utilize SharePlay over Messages.

Only a few of the new iOS 16 features are related to Messages. A lot of the new features in Apple’s operating system are still being kept under wraps, even though the public beta version is presently available. Check out our iOS 16 public beta hands-on before you install the full version this autumn, even if you don’t intend to do so. This overview should give you a good understanding of what the iOS 16 release will bring.

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