Editorial Policy

Original Content Process

TheTechXP only publishes original material, the results of in-house research and brainstorming sessions. Other reputable sources, such as IT gurus and professionals, may be linked to in our articles. Our editorial team reviews every new content before it goes live. Our Original Material Process will be used to create the content, and no other parties will be able to influence it in any way. Third parties might request that the credit [“About the Author”] on our editorial material be given to them upon their request. Acknowledgement of the author does not alter the content’s original intent. TheTechXP reviews and approves each finished article before it is published. Next, an Editorial editor reviews the content for style, flow, punctuation and readability before it is published. After it has been edited and proofread, the article is ready to be published on the website. Our editorial team has the right to post sponsored material on TheTechXP if it aligns with the tone and subject matter of our website.