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For those who want to learn about new technology, TheTechXP is a location where you can obtain advice on which gadgets to purchase and how to get the most out of them.

Sadly, there are some who turn into bullies in cyberspace. To keep TheTechXP a welcoming place, we simply remove any comments that don’t fit the bill. Because of this, we’ve been bombarded with letters and comments from our members praising us for establishing such a welcoming atmosphere.

TheTechXP Comment Policy

If a comment…

  1. the commenter is rude or unpleasant to the post’s author or any other commenter
  2. promotes a felony offence
  3. employs language that is either vulgar or obscene, or both
  4. or looks to be created only to promote a website or product
  5. violates another person’s rights
  6. is a private letter written by an unknown author
  7. content that is protected by copyright and cannot be distributed on the site
  8. poses as another person’s account
  9. This isn’t relevant.

By TheTechXP staff or volunteer moderators, a remark may be removed from this page. The volunteer moderator or Outdoor Troop staffer is solely responsible for deciding whether or not to delete comments, and their decision will not be overturned.

But What If I Disagree With Someone?

Great! As a way to enable individuals to contribute their thoughts and ideas, we have allowed comments here. However, you must be respectful and kind whether you disagree with a post’s author or another commenter’s opinion.

You’ll find a lot of comments on this site arguing with the author or with someone else who has posted.

We’d love to hear what you have to say! However, if a person disagrees in a rude or unpleasant manner, you know what to expect! The comment will be taken down from here on out.

TheTechXP or its owners, management, employees, or representatives are not responsible for the views expressed by commentators and guest posters on the site or its social media accounts. An employee’s failure to remove a comment does not constitute a support of such comment.

TheTechXP does not own the comments on this site, and the individual commenter is solely responsible for their content.

Contact us at [email protected] if you notice a remark on this site that violates our principles or utilises another’s intellectual property without permission.