Easy Steps to Save Twitter Threads in 2021


Twitter is a prominent microblogging website that allows users to tweet their thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics. Because a tweet may only contain 280 characters, however, communicating complex messages, ideas, or thoughts necessitates the creation of threads.

A Twitter thread (also known as a Tweetstorm) is a collection of tweets that are linked together to provide extra context or to make a longer point in a more effective manner. It’s virtually identical to a standard tweet, and you may interact with it in the same manner.

Easy Steps to Save Twitter Threads in 2021

What you might want to do with a thread more frequently is save it so you can come back to it later. This might be quite useful if you follow a lot of accounts on Twitter that provide insightful/informative topics.


Follow along as we show you how to save Twitter threads to your phone or computer in a variety of methods.

1. Using Twitter Bookmarks, save a Tweet Thread

Twitter Bookmarks, as the name implies, allows you to bookmark a tweet. That way, you can find it in one spot, along with a list of all your other saved tweets, and view it whenever you want—as long as you have an internet connection.

You can save extended Twitter threads in the same way that you can bookmark normal tweets and preserve them for later use. Use the steps below to bookmark a thread:

  1. Open the thread you want to bookmark.
  2. Click on the Share button at the bottom of the tweet and select Bookmark from the share menu.bookmarking threads on Twitter

Once done, depending on what platform you’re using Twitter on, you can access your Bookmarks using the steps below:

Access Bookmarks on Twitter Web

  1. Open Twitter and log in to your account.
  2. Click on the Bookmarks icon on the left-hand pane.

Access Bookmarks on Twitter for Android/iOS

  1. Open the Twitter client on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Hit the profile icon on the top-left and select Bookmarks from the menu.

You can see all of your saved tweets under the Bookmarks tab. If you want to remove tweets from your bookmarks at any time, repeat the methods you used to bookmark them.

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2. Use Third-Party Twitter Thread Readers to Save a Twitter Thread

While the bookmarking tool keeps your tweets and threads in one location for convenient access, it doesn’t work while you’re offline, and reading long threads isn’t a pleasant experience because the thread is displayed in the regular tweet style. Third-party Twitter thread readers can help with this since they provide a more easy way to preserve threads and a much better reading experience.

Below is a list of some of the best Twitter thread reader apps—paid and free—that you can use to save threads:

1. Unroll Thread

saving Twitter threads with unroll thread

Unroll Thread is a very basic Twitter thread saver. It’s free for the most part and very easy to use. However, a Twitter handle is associated with it that you need to invoke each time you want to unroll a thread.


Simply open the thread you wish to preserve and write a comment with the account’s handle: @unrollthread in the subject line. After that, the handle will return the thread link, which you may view or save as a PDF locally on your device.

2. Threader

saving Twitter threads with threader

Threader is an advanced Twitter thread saver. It comes as a Twitter bot and lets you save long Twitter threads easily by simply replying to tweets with the following text@threader_app comp.

The thread is saved in your Threader account and may be seen under mentions. Additionally, you can save the full thread as a PDF for offline viewing on your device. Threader can preserve extended Twitter discussions, which are presented beautifully and identified with Twitter usernames, in addition to long threads.


If you’re on iOS, you can also store Twitter threads directly using the Threader app. To do so, open the thread you wish to preserve, then click the share button and choose Threader from the drop-down option. Additionally, if you want extra features like dark mode, daily digest, and thread timeline, you may upgrade to the Threader premium subscription.

3. Readwise

saving Twitter threads with readwise

Readwise is a feature-rich Twitter thread-saving service. It requires a monthly subscription to use and lets you sync your saved threads across various read-it-later services like Kindle, Pocket, Instapaper, etc.

Similarly, you can import some extremely interesting Twitter threads into Notion or Roam for specced-repetition revision if you have some truly interesting Twitter threads whose contents you want to review numerous times a day. Take notes or highlight material in tweets if necessary.


To utilise Readwise, open the thread you wish to save and reply with the message @readwiseio save to activate its Twitter handle.

4. Thread Reader

saving Twitter threads with thread reader

Threader Reader is another popular third-party service to save Twitter threads. It’s free to use and requires an account to access all features.

Thread Reader allows you to preserve your threads by using the @threadreaderapp unroll remark on Twitter or by going to the service’s website and copying the link of the Twitter thread you wish to unroll.


Depending on the approach you select, Thread Reader will provide an unrolled version of the thread as a blog post. You may then save it to your device as a PDF or go to Thread Reader’s website to see all of your threads in one location.

Twitter Threads Successfully Saved for Later Reading

Twitter threads are a quick method to communicate your thoughts and ideas on a variety of topics in a series of tweets with added context. If you use Twitter often, you’ll undoubtedly come across a number of interesting tweets, some of which you may want to bookmark for future reference.

Although like or favouriting a tweet is one way to save it, it is by no means a practical option. As a result, various approaches for successfully saving Twitter conversations and/or organising them for subsequent access are required.


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