iOS 16: How to customize the lock screen notification display


Here’s how to customize the lock screen notification appearance in iOS 16.

For a long time, the iPhone’s notifications have been criticized. For many iPhone users, the alerts system is anathema, especially those who are switching from Android or use Android devices on a regular basis. No matter how much I love my phone, I still have to confess that alerts can be a bit of an issue, even for someone like myself, who aren’t overly concerned about them.

On the other hand, with iOS 16, Apple has made some advancements in this area, changing where and how alerts appear on the lock screen.


Notifications appear in a new area on the iOS 16 lock screen since you may now modify the look of your lock screen with widgets. By default, they’re now displayed piled on top of one another at the bottom of the lock screen.

If you don’t want the lock screen notifications to remain stacked in iOS 16, you can opt out of that behavior. Notifications can also be displayed in the same list format familiar to iPhone users. There are a lot of ways to display notifications, such as displaying them as a simple number (e.g., the number of notifications you have).

As a result, here’s how to alter the appearance of iPhone notifications in iOS 16 by switching between different display modes.


How to customize the lock screen notification display in iOS 16

Turn on your computer’s settings.

Select Display As from the Notifications menu.

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Decide on the type of display you’d like to employ.


In order to relocate alerts to the bottom of the screen, use the Stack option.

To display alerts in the traditional vertical list format, select List.

It is possible to see how many alerts you have received by clicking on the “Count” button. When the phone number is touched, notifications will show.


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