iOS 16: How to edit text messages in Messages


Correct any errors in your text messages by modifying them on your iPhone.

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A text message may be edited in iOS 16’s built-in messaging app if you know how, which is one of its most significant enhancements to Apple’s iPhone software. You could also avoid the awkwardness of a public apology.

Who among us hasn’t sent out a text message that we thought was flawless, only to discover an embarrassing typo in the middle of it? Alternatively, a misplaced word or phrase in your text message is causing uncertainty among the recipients.


The ability to edit a text message in Messages in iOS 16 eliminates the need to send a quick correction as was required in previous versions of iOS. Once you have the correct word or phrase in mind, it’s just a matter of substituting it for the incorrect one.

Text message editing is straightforward in Messages on iOS 16, although it has some limits. Your typo-ridden material will be saved for all eternity if you don’t make any changes within a 15-minute interval after sending it. Edited text (noted as such) will only be visible to other iOS 16 users; anyone using an earlier version of the software will receive a second text with the fixes in it. There will be no fixes for Android users, either.

You can edit a text message in iOS 16 Messages with these restrictions if you find them acceptable.


In iOS 16 Messages, how can you change a text message?

Tap and hold the text message you want to edit in Messages. Keep in mind that you have only 15 minutes after sending the text to achieve this.

Select Edit from the pop-up menu that appears.

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When you’re finished, tap the blue check mark to the right of the message to indicate that you’ve finished editing it. To quit the message editing mode, tap the gray X on the left of the message.

New and upgraded messages will now appear in the thread with a notice that they have been revised and improved.

iOS 16 Messages includes the ability to edit a text message, but it’s not the only new feature in Apple’s messaging app. Text messages can also be revoked (again, during the 15-minute interval following the initial transmission). In addition, you may now communicate in Messages by sharing spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, documents, and files. It is now possible to start a SharePlay session in Messages and share media without the need to make a FaceTime conversation.


You can now customize your lock screen and create an iCloud Shared Photo Library for convenient photo sharing with iOS 16’s comprehensive list of new features, among them. If you’re interested in learning more about Apple’s upcoming iOS 16 operating system, check out our hands-on coverage of the public beta.

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