Netflix cancelled this drama last year — and hardly anybody noticed


Things were quietly dropped from Tiny Pretty Things.

Because the streaming service seldom announces when episodes are not renewed for new seasons, it is notoriously difficult to keep track of Netflix’s canceled shows. The most common way we learn about cancellations is when a star/creator publicly announces that there will be no more.

In some cases, these utterances go unheard for a considerable period of time For example, almost nobody noticed when Tiny Pretty Things was proclaimed dead at the end of last year.


Brennan Clost, who portrayed Shane McRae on the program, has now released a YouTube video in which he discusses the show’s future. A date of November 2021 indicates that it has been sitting in plain view for some time now.

According to him, “Netflix has opted not to renew Tiny Pretty Things for a second season.” Clost said in November that the actors had learned about the show’s demise within weeks of Netflix’s December 2020 premiere.

During the first 30 days after a show’s initial release, Netflix examines its data, according to Clost, who explained how the company operates.


When he said that the video of him buzzing his hair off (opens in new tab) had been posted on January 20, 2020, the crew had just learned of his death. Exactly 37 days after the show’s international streaming debut.

How Netflix decides whether or not to renew its contract

With a critics’ and an audience’s approval ratings of 53% and 50%, respectively, Tiny Pretty Things isn’t the largest loss from the platform. Clost, on the other hand, exposes a lot about what goes on behind the scenes at Netflix, including why series that won’t be returning are so seldom announced.


“Clost went on to say, “Netflix assured us they wouldn’t disclose it since their material is evergreen on their platform.” As far as Netflix is concerned, it will be available indefinitely.

“Further, they didn’t want to reduce the show’s discoverability. When a program isn’t returning for a second season, viewers are more likely to avoid it since they don’t want to grow invested in the characters.

I can see Netflix not making a big deal about cancellations, and I’m not shocked. As I’ve previously said, given Netflix’s decision-makers’ impulsive tendency, there’s no way I’d start a new program in 2022 unless I could be confident it had a satisfactory finish in place: a promise that is impossible to keep.


Tiny Pretty Things was cancelled even though Clost has a lot of inside knowledge about the show’s cancellation.

Ultimately, he said, “I have no idea why our program was cancelled.”

It’s easy to assume the low ratings were to blame, but as Clost points out, the program was number one in the world for nearly two weeks, so it should have provided some insurance.


As Clost puts it, “this was kind of the standard that Netflix encouraged us to look at while waiting to hear about a second season,” According to Netflix, indicators like as breaking the top 10 globally and in specific territories are important to them.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, “we had something insane like 32 million homes complete our program.” In any case, Netflix informed them that their completion rate wasn’t what they were seeking for in order to select whether or not they should continue airing their series.

Despite this, Clost has nothing but admiration for Netflix and intends to collaborate with the business again in the future. “Working on a Netflix program and working with Netflix was a wonderful experience,” he remarked. As a young actress, I wish to continue working with Netflix on a regular basis in the future.


This will be somewhat determined by how long-term Netflix’s business model can be relied upon. There has been a significant decline in Netflix’s stock price this year, the first in more than a decade, and how quickly the firm recovers will have a significant influence on the quality and amount of original content it creates in the years to come.

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