How to Report Junk iMessage in iOS 16 | Get Rid of the Spam SMS on iPhone

Considering how to report spam message on iPhone? You can now report garbage messages on iMessage that will be advised to Apple and your specialist co-op. This is the way to report garbage iMessage in iOS 16. The new iOS update will be delivered on all Apple-upheld gadgets in the not so distant future. Apple has affirmed that it will drop iPhone 7 and all the iPhones before that from this update.

which iphones will get ios 16

iOS 16 allows you to alter your iPhone as you would prefer. You can tweak your lock screen by setting a powerful cosmology lock screen backdrop. You can likewise add action rings to your lock screen. One more element of iOS 16 is that it allows you to stamp iMessages as uninitiated. You can now effectively recuperate your erased messages even without a reinforcement.

Things being what they are, how might you report spam message on your iPhone? Here is your solution for how to report Junk iMessage in iOS 16.


How to Report Junk iMessage in iOS 16?

You can now report junk messages from Apple iMessage. These junk messages will be notified to your service provider as well. Let’s see how to report junk iMessage in iOS 16.

1. Go to iMessage on your iPhone.

2. Open the junk text message.


3. Tap on Report Junk. You can find this right below the text.

4. Now, tap on Delete and Report Junk.

How to Report Junk iMessage in iOS 16

Once you confirm the reporting of the message, it will be deleted. The iMessage spam report is not limited to Apple’s database anymore. The report will also be sent to your network provider.


How to Report Junk iMessage in iOS 16?

Wrapping Up

Now you know how to report junk iMessage in iOS 16. Reporting junk messages in iOS 16 for Apple as well as your service provider is much easier now. You don’t need to send another message to your service provider anymore. We will keep coming up with all the latest updates in technology. Keep visiting Path of EX!



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