5 best Com­put­er Speak­ers for Gaming

It’s natural to listen to the game soundtrack in all of its splendour when playing your favourite games. Gaming computer speakers assist you in achieving this goal. These allow you to experience immersive music without the use of restricting headphones or earbuds, and the greatest thing is that you don’t have to wear them.

Game audio isn’t the only thing you can hear through your computer speakers. You can relish every detail when watching videos or movies. Yes, the built-in illumination that comes with the speakers may be used as well.

5 best Com­put­er Speak­ers for Gaming

Here are some of the finest PC speakers for gaming if you want to take a break from your gaming headsets.

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Logitech G560 LightSync

Logitech G560 LightSync

The Logitech G560 LightSync is one of the more affordable speakers on the list, but it comes with a lot of features. It has a subwoofer as well as RGB lighting. Furthermore, it provides an outstanding performance with rich and deep sound. You’ll be able to hear everything in great detail, from singing to music to rich sound effects.

The bass is so powerful, according to Tom’s Guide, that you may feel the repercussions in your belly. Isn’t it incredible?

These PC speakers have a clean and minimalistic appearance. They’re tiny and roundish, so you can simply put them next to your gaming display and they’ll fit in with the rest of your gear. Because the G560 Lightsync is wired, you’ll need to pay careful attention to cable management, especially if you want a clean, clutter-free appearance.

The lighting system completes the circle at the same moment. The Logitech Gaming Software allows you to customise four different lighting zones. There are a few customization options, like the ability to change the surround sound or EQ settings.

One of the demerits of this speaker is that it’s tightly wound to the subwoofer, and there is no way to turn off the subwoofer without switching off the speakers. However, for the price, the G560 Lightsync brings a compelling bargain to the table.

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Creative Pebble Plus 2.1

Creative Pebble Plus 2.1

The Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 corrects one of the Logitech Lightsync’s key flaws by allowing you to disable the subwoofer. Isn’t it cool? Pebble Plus 2.1 has a crisp and rich sound for the price. The build quality is excellent, and the low price makes it a tempting speaker.

The speakers are shaped like a circle, whereas the subwoofer is rectangular. As we all know, tiny nuances matter a lot when it comes to speakers. The 45-degree angle of the drivers in this enclosure guarantees that the audio reaches your ears straight.

You’ll have a massive jumble of cable to sort out, much like the one above. There is no RGB lighting built-in.

As noted earlier, the audio is clear and crisp. The folks at PC Mag tested the speakers and found it to deliver a praiseworthy low-end bass for the ‘Silent Shout’ song. As you may already know, quite a few speakers fail to deliver the right bass for low-bass songs


Razer Nommo Chroma Gaming Speakers

Razer Nommo Chroma Gaming Speakers

Because of its spot-light-like appearance, the Razer Nommo Chroma stands apart from traditional computer speakers. You can’t go wrong with the Nommo Chroma if you want to give your gaming workstation a unique style (without sacrificing sound quality).

These are, once again, wired computer speakers. Despite the lack of a dedicated subwoofer, it produces gaming-oriented sounds with deep bass. The sound is crystal clear, and you’ll be able to hear everything in all of its grandeur, whether it’s gaming discussions or dramatic sounds. The bass’s correct resonance is aided by the long cylindrical design.

These gaming speakers are simple plug-and-play devices. The drivers install on their own, and you needn’t waste precious time hunting for the right software.

Like most gaming accessories, these Razer speakers also bundle RGB lights. There are a few customization options, and you can switch between colors, light effects, and speed.


Razer Leviathan Gaming and Music Sound Bar

Razer Leviathan Gaming and Music Sound Bar

The Leviathan soundbar is another Razer product. It’s not your typical speaker. It’s actually a soundbar. The ability to interact directly with game consoles such as the Xbox One and Sony PlayStation is a hallmark of this device. More significantly, because to the subwoofer, this Leviathan provides decent audio quality with strong bass.

There are a few more connecting choices than with the previous speakers. You may, for example, use Bluetooth to link your phone to the soundbar.

The Razer Leviathan’s subwoofer is one of its strongest features. It aids in the delivery of a powerful and thumby bass, as well as bringing the game audio to life.

It’s a versatile soundbar, and you can also use it to listen to music or watch movies. However, the movie audio is a tad underwhelming.

However, the Razer Leviathan is expensive and costs a little more than its counterparts above. If you are looking for a versatile speaker and love the thump of bass, then it’s worth considering.


LG Ultragear GP9

LG Ultragear GP9

Consider the LG Ultragear GP9 soundbar for the greatest possible audio experience while gaming. The portability of this soundbar is its main selling point. It’s made for gaming, and the built-in mic allows you to communicate with your buddies. Isn’t it incredible?

If you’re curious, none of the speakers listed above have built-in microphones. The microphone has clever noise-cancellation technology that separates your speech from the rest of the game audio. As a result, there will be no noise or loss of clarity in the transmission of your speech.

The main highlight of the Ultragear GP9 is the built-in battery. It’s powered by a 2,600 mAh battery and can last up to 5 hours on a single charge. And when needed, you can plug it into the power outlet. And yes, you can also connect your phone via Bluetooth.

The Ultragear GP9 produces excellent sounds. The audio in the game is strong and engaging. You may always reduce it with the huge knob at the top if you need to tone it down.

However, this LG gaming speaker is pricey. However, as previously stated, it is the ideal choice if you want to splurge on gaming equipment.


The music in a game is just as vital as the gameplay. And when your audio isn’t up to line with the rest of your system, gaming loses its allure. These computer speakers are a wonderful investment unless you’re into hard-core competitive gaming. The best thing is that the majority of them are inexpensive and provide exceptional value for money.

So, which of them are you going to buy?

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