iOS 15.4: How to Disable Personal Automation Shortcut Notifications

iOS 15.4’s Shortcuts app has a button that allows users to turn off the alerts that appear when a Shortcuts automation is activated.

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When a certain automation shortcut was activated in the Shortcuts app prior to the iOS 15.4 beta, a notice was generated. Apple has now provided an option to turn off these alerts.

Fjorden developer Florian Burger presented the new toggle in Shortcuts, which allows for more efficient day-to-day automation.

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Disabling alerts, on the other hand, may expedite the execution of a shortcut. If you want to launch Fjorden from your iPhone’s lock screen, it is now “very speedy and virtually smooth,” according to Burger.

However, the new toggle only applies to automations, not all Shortcuts. There will still be a pop-up notice every time a Shortcut is activated, such as a shortcut for custom iOS icons.

You can automate practically any operation you can think of with Apple’s Shortcuts app, which is a terrific feature of iOS. However, the absence of an option to turn off alerts has often irritated consumers.

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You don’t even know it’s running until you launch the app you want to deactivate the rotation lock for. Because of this, it’s safe to assume that Apple first believed that notifying you of the action was good practice from a security standpoint. It’s understandable if you don’t want your gadget to tell you every time it executes familiar automation.

There was no simple method to turn off these alerts in iOS 15.3. Thanks to a handy new setting in iOS 15.4 (now in beta), you can now disable alerts for certain automated tasks. You’ll see how it’s done in the following stages.

How to Turn Off Notifications for Personal Automations in Shortcuts

  • The Shortcuts app may be accessed by opening the Shortcuts app.
  • Go to the Automations section at the very bottom of the window.
  • In order to deactivate notifications for a certain automation, choose the one you wish to disable.
  • Select Edit Automation > Edit Automation > Turn off the Ask Before Running option in the Edit Automation screen.
  • Tap Don’t Ask in the popup that displays.
  • There should be a new Notify When Run switch now that Ask Before Running is deactivated. Turning off the Notify When Run option will stop this automation from generating notifications.
  • Save your changes by tapping Done in the upper-right corner of the screen.
image credit: MacRumors

Notifications for the specified automation will no longer be sent to you while it is running. For each automation, you don’t want to get alerts for, repeat the preceding steps. There is currently no global option in Shortcuts to disable all notifications.

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