Tesla is making a major change to catapult electric cars into the mainstream


Tesla is implementing a significant adjustment to advance the adoption of electric vehicles.

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The network of Tesla Superchargers is set to become even more beneficial for those who don’t drive Tesla electric vehicles. To the point where it might encourage a large number of drivers to switch to electric cars.

Before the end of the year, non-Tesla vehicles will be able to plug in and recharge at Tesla Superchargers, according to a fact sheet from The White House that was just released(opens in new tab). The fact sheet discusses what EV charging firms, including Tesla, are working to increase charging infrastructure.

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The White House also disclosed that by the end of 2022, Tesla will start producing the equipment needed for non-Tesla drivers to use Superchargers.

Those who have been following the Supercharger news are aware that Tesla already permits non-Tesla vehicles to refuel at Supercharger stations throughout Europe. The move has seen Supercharger access open up in nations like France, the U.K., Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, and more, even though it is still formally in a trial phase.

Non-Tesla vehicles can pull into a space, plug in, and use the Tesla app to check their charge status. Tesla owners can continue to plug in and begin charging while waiting without taking any more action. And it appears that EV drivers in the US may soon be able to witness this firsthand.


Given that Elon Musk has been promising that this would happen for some time, this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Musk acknowledged that Supercharger exclusivity would be lifted globally after being asked to grant access to non-Tesla vehicles in Norway so that the company could receive financial incentives from the government.

Due to the fact that both Teslas and non-Teslas use the CCS-2 Standard charger, the process most likely started in Europe. Since Tesla continues to use a proprietary charger rather than the CCS-1 standard found on the vast majority of electric automobiles, North America has proven to be more challenging.

Elon Musk acknowledged in May that work had begun to make sure non-Tesla vehicles could use American Superchargers. That meant offering “the rest of the industry’s connectors as an alternative to Superchargers in the U.S.,” according to a tweet. That most likely entailed retrofitting Superchargers with a second cable with a CCS socket and deleting any software restrictions that would prevent vehicles other than Teslas from drawing power.


The White House has now stated that this procedure will start before the year is over. And it’s a good thing too, since the White House recently stated that CCS-compatible EV chargers will not be eligible for federal financing. Tesla might be qualified for some of the money if it also complies with other rules, such as enabling account-free payments.

Everybody benefits, therefore everything works out. Tesla receives federal funding to construct Superchargers; Tesla drivers will take solace in the knowledge that even more Superchargers are on the way; and ultimately, non-Teslas will be able to plug into a charger at one of the more than 1,400 Supercharger locations across the United States.

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Given that concerns about range and charging do prevent some people from adopting EVs, this could be the push EVs need to displace gasoline-powered vehicles. Despite their popularity, Teslas are still somewhat pricey, with Model 3 prices starting at $46,990.


While waiting, there are vehicles like the Chevrolet Bolt that cost less than $30,000. Giving those vehicles access to the several 250kW Superchargers spread out across the U.S. may be necessary to persuade more motorists to purchase an EV.

It’s unclear when the first Supercharger stations will open to vehicles other than Teslas or how quickly the rollout might proceed. The most crucial factor, though, is that it will happen soon.


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