Finally Android 13 Beta 4 is ready for user: how to get it


Beta 4 of Android 13 is already available for download, and it’s virtually ready for general public usage.

Google has just announced that Android 13 Beta 4 has been released, which means that the final version of Android 13 is right around the corner (opens in new tab).

It will be the last beta before the final version is released to the general public, according to Google. It’s the final chance for app developers to make sure their applications are compatible with Android 13 and a heads-up for Android users to be ready for the update.


Android 13 Beta 4 features are the same as those in Android 13 Beta 3. (which dropped in early June). To be anticipated when Google makes final preparations for the release, this is a minor issue. Instead of attempting to introduce new features, the team is concentrating on keeping things stable so that nothing strange or unexpected occurs when the final edition goes online.

Even though it’s a bummer, keep in mind that Android 13 will bring lots of exciting new features. Google has introduced features such as increased privacy permissions, editing for copied text, customizable flashlight brightness, and support for Bluetooth LE for more efficient audio to the Android platform. All of this, as well as Material You’s additional customisation possibilities, will make your Android devices more powerful than ever before.

Even better, Google seems to no longer be an afterthought when it comes to Android tablets. To take use of bigger screens, Android 13 builds on Android 12L by providing additional slate-first interface elements (such as split windows and a fixed taskbar). The Google Pixel tablet is on its way, so this will come in handy.


Although Android 13 is said to be “a few weeks away,” no specific date has been given for its release as of yet. In the autumn, it’s likely to be unveiled with Google’s year-end flagship phone, the Pixel 7. There’s a good chance that Android 12 and Google’s Pixel 6 series will debut in October if that’s true. The final release may come sooner than we expect since Google has been developing swiftly this year.

If you’d want to test out Android 13 Beta 4 on a Google Pixel or other qualified Android phone, here’s how to do so. Otherwise, check to see whether your existing handset will get the upgrade and, if not, look into purchasing one of the top Android phones available right now..


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