Stranger Things season 5 will fix a problem from season 4


The fifth season of Stranger Things will take place in Hawkins, and we’re all for it.

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A major issue with Stranger Things Season 4 was that half the characters spent the entire season outside of Hawkins, and it was a big problem for the show. Although Season 5 will not make the same error,

The final season of Stranger Things will return to the show’s roots, according to the show’s creators Ross and Matt Duffer, who spoke to the Happy Sad Confused podcast (via The Wrap). There will be no side missions in California or Siberia, and the action will remain in Hawkins, Indiana.


Hawkins is a crucial location right now, as everyone who has seen Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 will be able to confirm. There will be spoilers for Stranger Things season 4 if you haven’t watched it yet.

Season 4 ended with the opening of four portals across Hawkins, against the objections of the children. As we saw at the conclusion, these portals allowed the Upside Down to begin leaking into our world, infecting the community with deterioration from the other side.

It would be absurd to move the action from Hawkins to some other location in season 5 given how essential the town is to Vecna’s invasion.


Season 4 didn’t really address the issue. Despite the fact that the Hopper-in-Siberia tale was essential in bringing the Sheriff back to town, it dragged on for a long time. When Project NINA was invaded, Eleven used Mike and the gang as a quick escape route, but the subplot involving them added nothing to the story.

Hawkins-centric storylines dominated season four’s nine episodes. Jason and his band of thugs were among the most irritating characters in the film yet they served an important purpose in furthering the story. As a result, it is heartening to learn that Hawkins will play a key role moving forward.

Additionally, the Duffers have stated that season one will serve as the basis for the show’s final season. “There are many things we want to revisit from season one, says Matt Duffer. “It’s fantastic to see a lot of the initial groupings and pairs from season 1 come full circle.””


The cliffhanger ending of season 4 necessitates a return to the action in season 5, which will see our youthful heroes dealing with it.

“There will be a lot of movement this time around, as we don’t wrap things up at the end of the fourth episode. Even if it doesn’t reach speeds of 100 mph by the end of five minutes, Matt predicted that things would be moving quickly.

“I think that’s going to carve out at least a couple hours and make this season feel extremely different,” Duffer said when asked if season 5 would be as long as season 4’s 13-hour epic.”


“We’re more likely to do what we did here, which is to basically have a 2.5 hour episode,” says Ross Duffer, the show’s creator.

In August, the Duffer Brothers stated the writer’s room will reopen and they will take their time with the show’s denouement, which will be “Return of the King’-ish, with, like, eight endings.” We still have no idea when Season 5 will premiere.

David Harbour, the actor who portrays Hopper in GQ UK, believes the screenplay will be completed by the end of the year, with filming beginning in 2023 and a likely release date in mid-2024. We hope we won’t have to wait another three years for the show’s end, but that’s just a guess based on the show’s track record.


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