Even Halo Infinite may not satisfy with the game’s multiplayer


Some work is needed on the roadmap, 343 argues.

Image credit: 343 Industries

Despite the varied reaction to Halo Infinite’s newly released content plan, developer 343 Industries isn’t completely pleased with the update timetable.

Players have been worried that the Halo Infinite second season’s six-month delay would leave them waiting for Season 3 for longer than they had planned, according to 343’s chief of creative content Joseph Staten. On top of that, a number of much-anticipated features, such as campaign co-op and Forge mode, have yet to be released or given a release date.


Suggested by Staten that Halo Infinite’s development staff is just as frustrated with the game’s delayed deployment of new content as gamers, but that the game has to fix other flaws before it can release more frequent seasons (thanks, PureXbox).

One thing to keep in mind is that “none of us inside 343 look at this plan and are thrilled with it,” added Staten.

“We all want to be doing things quicker in order to provide more content.” We want to be able to ship a season every three months, therefore it was difficult for us to articulate this roadmap with a season that would continue for another six months while still trying to find a good cadence.


This is precisely what I spoke about before—we have to prioritise going after quality-of-life problems that have an immediate effect on the game, like today when you open the game. That’s the most important thing we can do for you.

First, the team must fix Halo Infinite’s current technical concerns with focused enhancements, according to Staten.

The reason we’re extending the season now is because that’s how we’re arranging ourselves to go after that task “he said.


“Let me stress one more: No one here believes in the six-month season as a whole. These things aren’t; they really aren’t. It’s also important that we put ourselves in a better position to deliver more regularly, and we’re working on that as well.”

There is a great deal of tension.

Since Halo Infinite’s debut in November, there has been a lack of fresh content. As a result of its second multiplayer season being continuously postponed, many players have decided to stop playing the game altogether. Infinite’s campaign co-op and Forge level editor, both of which were promised before the game was ever published, have yet to be implemented, further eroding the patience of the community.

Blog posts from 343 Industries acknowledged the delays but claimed that the company was delaying new content in order to focus on its team’s well-being. “Sustainable development rhythm” was cited as a goal, along with “delivering outstanding experiences to all of you while preserving a good work/life balance”


As stated in the blog article, “We recognise we need to offer more content and features more rapidly.”. “Staying true to priority zero implies that sometimes we need to slow down in order to maintain our health and go quicker in the future. But we’re also looking for methods to speed things up.”

That’s consistent with what Staten said before. In spite of the team’s best efforts, the pressures of game production and unforeseen health issues mean that even the best-laid plans do not always work out.

However, there will be something fresh to play with in the near future. On May 3, Halo Infinite Season 2 will be released, bringing with it a slew of new levels and gameplay options. Even yet, the pressure is mounting. If gamers are still interested in the multiplayer shooter, they will return in droves for the next update, or if they have completely lost interest in the game.


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