How to Fix iCloud Backup Tak­ing So Long


Hello, Guys welcome back here you will learn How to Fix iCloud Backup Tak­ing So Long. Apple has provided you with iCloud, which allows you to back up your files from your iOS devices. This is an excellent method for keeping your files safe. If you accidentally remove a file, you can restore it from your iCloud backup. However, many users say that the iCloud backup process takes too long. It’s a longer procedure than most people thought.

How to Fix iCloud Backup Tak­ing So Long

Apple’s iCloud service is an essential component of the Apple ecosystem. The majority of people won’t mind paying for iCloud backup and restore because it’s so easy to use. However, if the iCloud backup becomes stuck or takes too long to complete for you, it’s time to take a closer look. Here are some of the possible causes of iCloud backups taking longer on iPhone, as well as some workarounds.

This post will provide you with an overview of how long it takes to back up your data to iCloud. The article will also explain how to speed up the backup procedure on the mentioned platform.


When attempting to backup to iCloud, keep in mind that this mostly necessitates a stable and consistent connection. Without it, you may have an incomplete or non-existent backup. Here are a few things to check and solve to ensure the iCloud backup runs well and does not become stopped.


Even if you have the fastest 5G connection in your area, performing iCloud backup on a mobile data connection will be difficult. As a result, even Apple suggests using a Wi-Fi connection. If you have your iPhone or iPad linked to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, you should switch to the 5.0GHz band for faster speeds.

Restarting your router may be beneficial, and you can also test your connection speeds with or Speedtest to determine its dependability.



When you activate everything in iCloud backup, from media to apps like WhatsApp, the overall backup size might skyrocket. You may check the next backup size from the Settings menu before we teach you how to lower iCloud backup size. This is how.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on iPhone.

Step 2: Go to the Profile menu.

Manage storage icloud backup taking so long

Step 3: Select iCloud and open Manage Storage.

Step 4: Select Backups and check your current device backup.

Step 5: From the following info menu, you will see the last backup time, backup size, the ability to delete the current backup, and the next backup size.

Open backups icloud backup taking so long
Check icloud backup size icloud backup taking so long

It might range from 1 GB to 15 GB depending on your usage and preferences (this is just a guess, it can be more than 15 GB for power users). The current backup size in our case was 10.36 GB.

If you believe that your iCloud backup is too huge, you can remove major apps from the backup list.

Exclude Apps Like WhatsApp from iCloud

WhatsApp stores user media and chat data in iCloud. If you want to download and save all media delivered to you via WhatsApp, it can occupy up to 8 GB-10 GB of space in your iCloud backup. You can, however, choose to exclude WhatsApp data.


Go to the profile menu in iPhone Settings. Scroll down to WhatsApp and select iCloud. If you turn off the setting, iCloud will no longer backup WhatsApp chats and data.

Disable whatsapp from icloud icloud backup taking so long

Disable Media Backup

If you already use OneDrive or Google Images to back up your photos and videos, storing the identical data on iCloud makes no sense.

You can access Photos by opening iPhone Settings and scrolling down. Turn off the iCloud Photos toggle, and you’re ready to go. Don’t forget to backup fresh images and movies to one of the iPhone’s iCloud alternatives.

Open photos icloud backup taking so long
Disable icloud photos


Some of the messages are too important to risk losing by not backing them up to iCloud. As a result, you may verify that such chats are included in the backup and delete all undesired videos and photographs from WhatsApp.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on iPhone and to Settings.

Step 2: Select Chats and open Chat Backup.

Open chat menu icloud backup taking so long
Open chat backup icloud backup taking so long

Step 3: Disable Include Videos toggle and it will slim down the backup size.

Exclude whatsapp videos icloud backup taking so long

The practice will lead to a faster iCloud backup process on iPhone.


When your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi, powered on, and locked, iCloud backup takes place.


Don’t make it a habit to remove your iPhone from charging. It will halt the iCloud backup operation, resulting in lengthier backup times.


Are you attempting to download the most recent Ted Lasso season from Apple TV or Money Heist from Netflix for offline viewing? You should disable the background downloading procedure so that the iCloud can use the entire internet bandwidth and complete the backup operation as quickly as possible.


iCloud doesn’t win any awards in terms of reliability. There can be times when the iCloud servers are having a rough day.

Icloud backup status icloud backup taking so long

Check the iCloud Backup status on the Apple System Status page. Check for a green indicator and then try again.

Apple System Status


If you are nearing the end of your patience, you will have no choice but to use iTunes to complete the backup procedure. It’s not as easy as utilising iCloud, but it should enough.


Have you noticed any improvements in the time it takes to complete an iCloud backup? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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