iOS 16 rumors — Everything we know so far


When can you anticipate the next major iPhone software upgrade from Apple?

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There is now a countdown to the release of iOS 16. In June, WWDC 2022 has been announced, and the leaks have begun. As a result, we can expect to learn more about Apple’s plans for the next generation of iPhone software at some point in the near future.

When iOS 16 is released, there’s more to consider than just what it will mean for current iPhones. The next generation of Apple’s flagship phones will be pre-loaded with iOS 16 when they go on sale, making it the default software. To get a sense of what Apple has planned for the iPhone 14 models that are expected to be released later this year, we can take a look at iOS 16.


Rumored features for iOS 16 are scarce at the moment, but the first reports about possible changes are starting to emerge. Due to the fact that Apple creates all of its software in-house, the company keeps a tight rein on upcoming features until WWDC. Contrast that with the iPhone, which is constantly leaking information about upcoming changes to Apple handsets thanks to the various supply chain partners.

Rumors about possible iOS 16 changes have already begun to surface, and more are expected in the months leading up to the WWDC 2022 conference in June. There are a few things we’d like to see from Apple in terms of its phone software. As a result, here’s what we know so far about iOS 16, including a possible release date and which devices will be eligible for the software update.

Rumors about when iOS 16 will be released

In order to give app developers enough time to update their software to work with Apple’s upcoming iOS version, Apple usually previews its upcoming software updates during its annual Worldwide Developer Conference.

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This year’s WWDC is already scheduled to begin on June 6 with a keynote address from Apple. At that point, we’d bet the farm on an iOS 16 beta. Usually at WWDC, Apple releases a beta version of its iOS software for developers to test.

Also, Apple has a well-established software public beta programme, with the public beta normally released towards the end of the month or at the beginning of the next month at the very latest. As a result, a public beta is expected to be available by the end of June.

It is expected that the final version of iOS 16 will be released with the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro in the autumn of 2017. Apple often releases new iPhones in September, but we have no idea when the iPhone 14 will arrive. iOS 16 is expected to be released at the same time as iOS 16.


What Apple gadgets will be able to run the new iOS 16 software?

As far back as the iPhone 6s, which was released in the autumn of 2015, all of Apple’s recent software upgrades function on the same devices. As a result, we believe that certain older devices may be on the brink of being dropped from Apple’s iOS 15 programme. It has been rumoured that Apple will no longer be supporting the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and the original iPhone SE, which was released in 2016.

If Apple discontinues support after iOS 16, owners of such devices will have nothing to complain about. The first iPhone SE was released six years ago, and the iPhone 6s models will be seven years old in the autumn. It’s only logical to think that certain iOS 16 features may be beyond the capability of such devices given the advancements in computing power over the last several years.

Apple provides a unique iPadOS software update for certain devices. We expect this year’s version to include many of the same features as iOS 16, but with tablet-specific capabilities as well.


What may be in iOS 16? Here are some rumours on what to expect.

A few leaks have hinted that Apple’s iPhone software may see some updates later this year, but the firm has yet to provide any details on iOS 16. The most common rumour is that the widget functionality introduced by Apple in iOS 14 will continue to be improved upon.

Claims were made by LeaksApplePro that Apple was working on so-called “large widgets” that would house numerous widgets inside one container. As detailed by LeaksApplePro, iOS 16’s huge widgets are similar to iOS 15’s Smart Stack widgets, except instead of requiring you to scroll through many widgets, iOS 16 will display them all at once.

Besides the huge widget, which seems to be code-named “InfoShack,” a screenshot shows Control Center widgets for controlling the iPhone flashlight and an Apple TV remote.


Apple’s AR/VR headgear has been reported to be in the works for some time, and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims that iOS 16 might include the first formal references to it. But he doesn’t go into specifics about what will be included.

Some reports claim that Apple is developing an AR/VR headset that might be released as early as 2022, if not sooner. A new report suggests that the project has been delayed until 2023.) Apple is also said to be working on a wearable mixed reality gadget dubbed Apple Glasses, which would be compatible with the iPhone, according to reports.

Third-party applications will be needed to make these gadgets viable. Apple’s set of tools for creating augmented reality applications, ARKit, will presumably be updated as a result. ARKit is part of the iOS operating system. Apple might potentially show off its mixed reality gear at WWDC in order to encourage iPhone app developers to start adding AR into their applications.


The long-time Apple writer believes that Apple is working on “some rather big changes across the board, including an update to alerts and additional health-tracking tools,” as he said in his article on iOS 16. No additional information is available, however we have some thoughts for how Apple might enhance alerts in iOS 16.

Apple gadgets such as the iPhone 14 might include crash-detection capabilities, which would alert emergency services if the device detects you’ve been in an accident, according to Mac Rumors in late 2021. A feature like this would need the introduction of new capabilities in iOS 16, but Apple may wait to demonstrate these features until the iPhone 14 is closer to going on sale.

An iOS 16 concept film by The Hacker 34 showcases a variety of hypothetical iOS 16 features, including multitasking functionality, which would enable two applications to run simultaneously on the iPhone’s display. In addition to the lock screen shortcuts, always-on display support, and customisable icons, the video hints at more capabilities.

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What we’re hoping for with iOS 16

Many of the reported widget changes fascinate us, and we hope to see them in the iOS 16 concept movie. But we’re anticipating a lot of changes with iOS 16, and until there are more concrete reports regarding the features of the software upgrade, we’re delighted to provide our own recommendations for what Apple should do.

With iOS 16, we want to see even more cross-pollination between the best features of iOS and Android. One of Android’s best features is the Clear All button, which makes closing all your open applications a breeze. The days of swiping up on a never-ending stream of applications on your iPhone are over with the addition of this feature to iOS.

For those who spend a lot of time in the built-in chat app, Apple has made it a priority to enhance Messages with each new iOS release. Apple has promised additional features for sifting through recent talks in iOS 16. The search bar in Messages could use some improvement, such as the addition of filters and the ability to fine-tune searches, to make it easier to locate relevant texts.


Improved photo-editing tools: Photos already has some excellent photo-editing tools, and we really enjoyed iOS 15’s enhanced Memories feature. We’d want to see some new features for iOS 16 that are inspired by Android. Magic Eraser is just one example of the new features that have been added to the Pixel 6’s camera. We believe Apple could easily implement a comparable feature given its experience in artificial intelligence.

Upgrades to built-in applications are a regular occurrence with every iOS release. Take, for example, the recent redesign of Apple’s Maps app in iOS 15. It’s time for News to receive a makeover, since the app doesn’t appear all that great on the iPhone’s screen, and we believe Apple should come up with better methods to display material. It is a great addition to the iPhone, but Shortcuts doesn’t exactly make it easy to create your own automated processes and shortcuts via its user interface. People would be more inclined to use this app if it had better-designed features.


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