What’s new in iOS 15, when it’ll be released, and what will change on your iPhone

While iOS 15 was unveiled in June at WWDC 2021, it underwent considerable revisions before being launched on September 20. The new version focuses on three aspects: keeping connected, productivity, and privacy.


At Apple’s September 14 presentation, where the company unveiled the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and other products, a release date for iOS 15 was revealed.

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Although the public beta was released in June, several functionality, such as SharePlay, have been pushed back to iOS 15.1.


iOS 15: cut to the chase

  • What is it? The next big update for iOS
  • When did it come out? September 20
  • How much will it cost? It’s free

iOS 15 release date

The iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7, new iPad and new iPad mini were all unveiled at the September 14 event, but the release date for iOS 15 was not confirmed.

Following the presentation, Apple said that iOS 15 will be released on September 20, four days before the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, which it did.

Before updating to iOS 15, make a backup of your device and follow our instructions on how to download the iOS 15 beta on your phone.


Of course, while we’re talking about iOS 15 here, iPadOS 15 also arrived for your iPad.

iOS 15 supported devices

According to Apple’s main section on iOS 15, the update is compatible with iPhones 6S and higher.

However, if you’re curious about which features are missing from an older iPhone running iOS 15, we’ve put up a tutorial that goes into further detail.


Enhancements to FaceTime

With a movie, FaceTime SharePlay is put to the test.

FaceTime has been updated in iOS 15, with the goal of making it easier to connect with family and friends while also increasing voice and video quality.

With an iPhone XS or above, spatial audio can be used, giving the sense that your recipients are in the same room as you.


Voice isolation now focuses just on your voice, blocking off any other background sounds. There’s also Wide Spectrum, which concentrates on you and your surroundings.

Grid View, which shows a group call, as well as Portrait Mode, which blurs the background and focuses on you, are now available.

There are also FaceTime links, which can produce a link to help schedule a call in the same way that a Google Meet link does, and can be viewed by anybody with an Android or Windows smartphone.



In iOS 15, you may also utilise SharePlay to share music, TV episodes, and movies, as well as share your screen to demonstrate a recipient how you use a certain app.

You may also connect SharePlay to an AppleTV, which is very useful when watching a movie. Because this is also an API, an app will be able to use it very soon.

SharePlay is used by supported services such as Disney+, Twitch, ESPN, TikTok, and others for iOS 15 and higher.


However, SharePlay is being held back for a future release of iOS 15, perhaps iOS 15.1.


Another significant update to iOS 15 is the addition of collages to group conversations as a means to effortlessly show several photographs.

The News app’s Shared with You section displays what your friends have shared with you, such as links, which you can quickly copy into a Messages discussion. It’s also in Safari, Music, and a few more applications.


Statuses, which resemble WhatsApp and other messaging applications, are also available.

Individually, you may silence alerts in group conversations if you like. It, whether you want to be silent for an hour or a day, you may do so today.

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Notifications have been rewritten for iOS 15 after many years of improvement. Here you’ll find the Notification Summary, where you may plan notifications to appear at specific times or even by Apple’s own machine learning algorithms.

The addition of Do Not Disturb is also part of the enhancements, with it displaying for your friends and family if they have it turned on.

Focus is yet another element of Notification Summary, which recommends particular applications to you on your lock screen based on your schedule and even your location.



In iOS 15, Apple’s web browser has been completely redesigned, with extensions from macOS being ported over to the iPhone.

The address bar has been moved to the bottom of the screen, with motions to quickly navigate between tabs and return to full screen mode, as well as a pull to refresh the web window, similar to how you refresh your mail or tweets in Safari.

There’s also a new home screen that you can personalise with your own photographs and tweak.


Many previously accessible buttons have been buried behind a button, thus this user interface may change when fresh betas arrive in the coming months.

Safari had a lot of design modifications throughout the beta stage, which has finally resulted in a design that more closely resembles iOS 14, with a few minor tweaks.

The address bar can be placed at the top, as previously, or at the bottom, so that your thumb can quickly reach it.


Safari had a lot of design modifications throughout the beta stage, which has finally resulted in a design that more closely resembles iOS 14, with a few minor tweaks.

The address bar can be placed at the top, as previously, or at the bottom, so that your thumb can quickly reach it.

Live Text

You may now take a photo of text, which will highlight it, and then copy or translate it into a document. You may utilise LiveText here if you have any prior images that show information; it’s not limited to photos taken on iOS 15.


This is a direct rival to Google Lens, and it appears to be particularly useful if you shoot a lot of images or have a vacation planned.


Photos are now included in Spotlight recommendations, allowing you to hunt for someone specific in a snapshot you’ve just taken.

Memories, a feature of clever Photos, makes fresh slideshows and carousels of photo collections with music, and it even displays the music being played throughout this process.


Apple Wallet

CarKey now has U1 functionality, allowing you to unlock your car or even access your trunk, thanks to an update to Apple Wallet in iOS 15.

You may also use Wallet to access your business or home, and hotels like Hyatt will soon make this capability available to iOS 15-enabled smartphones.

Identity cards such as driver’s licences will be displayed in Apple Wallet, and TSA security checks will be enabled soon.


Other characteristics

The magnifier is returned when you highlight text, as revealed in its analysis of all iOS 15 changes, making it much simpler to read the letters and phrases you wish to alter.

The weather app has been revamped to take use of last year’s Dark Sky purchase, with more detailed and accurate weather, as well as high-resolution weather maps to view the status of the weather near you.

You may now get reminders when it’s likely to rain or snow in the next hour, and you can even mute particular cities you’ve added from inside the app to limit the number of warnings you get from whichever many towns you’ve added.


In iOS 15, the Maps app gets some important updates, including new data for business areas and buildings. Elevations and a new colour palette have also come, with landmarks being highlighted in particular.

Drivers are now getting a more sophisticated view of highway interchanges and future traffic conditions while planning routes from one location to another.

You can now add favourites to your transportation routes so you can be confident of your journey, and Maps will follow your progress and notify you of the next stop even when you’re on the train.


Find My, Game Center, App Store Today, Sleep, Mail, and other widgets have all experienced enhancements in iOS 15, with new ones for Find My, Game Center, App Store Today, Sleep, Mail, and more.

Shortcuts are now accessible on macOS Monterey, which means that whatever you produce or modify on your Mac may now be synchronised to your iPhone running iOS 15, allowing you to continue working on your Mac.

Users are already finding a number of little features now that iOS is released.


When playing a game with iOS 15, you may now use your DualSense or Xbox Controller’s rumble capabilities, making your games more simpler to handle if there are a lot of controls covering your iPhone’s touch screen.

You may now navigate between dates and times while setting an alarm or creating an event in Calendar, just like you could in prior iOS versions. You may now choose to add the date and time by scrolling or typing it in.

In the revamped Safari, you can now pull to refresh, as well as block alerts in an app or a Messages thread for an hour or a day, similar to how you may mute chats in WhatsApp.


Drag and drop is now available in iOS 15, allowing you to choose a photo from Files and drop it into an email, for example, making it much easier to exchange files and photographs between apps.



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