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Nothing phone (1) tipped with transparent back and wireless charging


While working at OnePlus, Carl Pei pioneered the extensive teaser campaign for a new product. Carl Pei founded Nothing to continue this work. The upcoming Nothing phone is getting its own extended teaser campaign, so it’s not a surprise. After learning about carrier partnerships previously, we’re about to learn about another new piece of information.

The back of the Nothing (1) phone will be transparent. Pei and Nothing’s head of design, Tom Howard, made the announcement today. “We wanted to bring the inside out,” says Howard, citing the fact that a smartphone contains more than 400 parts.

In addition, the Nothing team wanted to highlight those they believe are worthy of attention. In other words, the camera and the wireless charging coil are included in this. According to Howard, the manufacturing process must be reworked in order to highlight components that the end user does not normally see.


Nothing, according to Pei, aspires to establish an instantly recognisable, iconic design language for all of its products from the outset. Phone and Ear 1 are clearly from the same family, and as we expand our product line, our philosophy will remain the same,” Pei said. To him, Apple is the only other tech company with a consistent product design approach, so Nothing shouldn’t be any different.

In fact, the beauty and complexity of consumer electronics would be one of his company’s selling points. As Howard points out, “design is not just ornament, but there needs to be marriage between form and function” in order for it to be successful. There will be a smaller carbon footprint with this phone because of the recycled aluminium used in its construction.


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