Pixel Watch’s release date seems to be nearing


In the latest Google trademark application, the speculated Pixel Watch has been seen.

Image credit: Android Central

Update: Is there a possibility of a Pixel Watch Fit being released? According to one leaker, it might

It seems that the Google Pixel Watch, which has been the subject of several speculations and leaks in the previous few weeks, has been trademarked.


A trademark application for “Pixel Watch” was submitted with the USPTO on April 19, 2022, according to 9to5Google. Assuming Google’s first smartwatch would be dubbed Pixel Watch, we’ve presumed it would be referred to as a “Pixel Watch,” but now we know it would, “cover the categories of smartwatches; cases adapted for smartwatches; wearable computers in the nature of smartwatches; straps; bands.”

A “active application” stamp indicates that the trademark is currently being examined and has not yet been granted formal status. There are, however, a few important points to keep in mind. In the “intent to use” area for apps, Google replied “yes,” indicating that the Pixel Watch would be released soon.

Images of a purported Pixel Watch prototype left at a restaurant this past weekend that went viral on the internet imply otherwise, but the filing is not marked for current usage. The individual claiming to have the prototype then organised a Reddit AMA to provide further information about the Google Pixel Watch.


In order to verify the device and AMA claims, more images are needed, but from what we can see, the device looks remarkably like the renders that tech tipster and artist Ian Zelbo Jon Prosser shared a little more than a year ago. Even yet, it’s impossible to tell whether the prototype is the most recent version of the Pixel Watch or an accurate reflection of the device’s final design.

The alleged owner of a Pixel Watch claimed that the item could not be powered up without a charger. We’d get a better sense of whether or not the software is legit if it worked, and if it was legit, what it could do. In the same way, the trademark application makes no mention of any features, sensors, or other technical details.

There’s reason to assume Google is close to delivering what may be the finest wristwatch for Pixel phone customers yet, based on the recent rise in leaks. Despite the fact that all of the best Android smartwatches are compatible with Google phones (and some even run Google’s Wear OS wearable software), Pixel users have yet to see an in-brand smartwatch.


As Google acquired Fitbit for $2.1 billion in 2019, this wearable is already rumoured to have Fitbit fitness features built in. It has also been revealed that the watch’s UI has Fitbit branding, as shown in leaked photographs.

At Google I/O 2022, which takes place on May 11, there is anticipation that the Pixel Watch might be unveiled. The least we can hope for is new Wear OS features and possibly a hint at Google-developed hardware. If that’s the case, the Pixel Watch could launch alongside the Google Pixel 7 series sometime in the fall.


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