Apple’s 3nm M2 Pro processor will be mass-produced this year


On November 2020, Apple debuted the M1 processor, which was followed by the M2 during the WWDC presentation earlier this week. An analyst at Haitong Intl Tech Research predicts that TSMC will commence mass manufacturing of the M2 Pro processor later this year, even though the new MacBook Air and 13″ MacBook Pro aren’t expected to go on sale until next month.

3nm will be used for the M2 Pro, instead of the 5nm technology used for the vanilla M2 and its predecessor, the M1. In comparison to the M1 Pro, which has two less efficient cores, it is stated to have four efficiency and eight performance cores.

This year’s Chinese New Year will see the announcement of Apple’s AR headset, which is slated to begin launching in Q2 2023 and begin mass manufacturing in February 2023. A periscope lens for optical zoom was confirmed by the expert, who also mentioned that Apple aims to employ its own modem in the 2023 iPhone.


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