Samsung US deals for Mother’s Day include many deals


Mother’s Day is observed on a variety of dates across the globe. Mother’s Day may occur in March in some nations or October in others, but this year it falls on May 8 in the United States. Have you already decided on a present? If it doesn’t work, Samsung US has a few ideas.

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The 256 GB variant of the Galaxy S22 series costs the same as the 128 GB model, while the 512 GB model costs the same as the 256 GB model. That equates to a saving of $100. But there’s more to it than that.

Up to $1,000 in improved trade-in credit may be used to buy the Galaxy S22 Ultra, making the 256 GB model merely $200. Two gadgets may be traded in instead of just one; this includes phones with broken screens.


When paired with up to $700 in increased trade-in credit, the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ are available for as little as $100 and $300, respectively (reminder: this is with 256 GB storage). A 20 percent discount on a Galaxy Tab S8 tablet is also available with the purchase of any S22 model.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition comes with $150 in Samsung Credit, a complimentary set of Galaxy Buds Live, and $50 in Google Play credit if your mum prefers something more swanky. Samsung Credit is included in the price of the standard Z Flip3 models. Both ways, you may use up to $305 in trade-in credit to lower the price from $695 to $595.

When purchasing the bigger Z Fold3, you’ll get $300 in Samsung Credit, as well as a free Galaxy Watch4, as well as $100 in Play Store Credit (which can be spent on anything in the store, be it apps, books or other). Because the Fold is more expensive, you may use up to $535 of trade-in credit, which means the basic model costs $965.


It’s possible to obtain up to $550 in trade-in credit for the Galaxy S21 FE, bringing its price down to $150. It also comes with $100 in Samsung Credit, which you can use to buy further Samsung products. ‘

Instead of paying $250 for the same watch, you can get one for $50 if you buy a certified renewed Galaxy S21 (beginning at $275 with a trade-in). The final cost will be determined by the size of the watch.

You may read our reviews of those phones (as well as watches and headphones) before making your final purchase decision.


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