Find Public Restrooms Near Your Current Location


For those who find themselves in unfamiliar territory, Google Maps’ public restroom and bathroom finder feature can be extremely useful.

Open Google Maps on your smartphone (or on your desktop browser) and turn on location services before typing in the query “public restrooms near me.”.

If you’re on Google Maps, you can quickly see where the closest restrooms are in relation to where you are right now.


Google Assistant can also make use of the feature. Use the Assistant by saying “OK Google” and then “Show me toilets nearby” to see a map of all the toilets in your immediate vicinity marked with placemarkers.

If the location feature on your phone isn’t working, or if you just want to know where the nearest restroom is without physically going there, try searching with the address instead of near me.

Your search terms in this situation would be Agra public restrooms near Taj Mahal or Times Square restrooms or Where can I find a bathroom in New York City.


More than 57,500 public restrooms and toilets can be found in urban India using Google Maps. From your Vodafone/Idea phone, you can dial the toll-free number 000 800 9191 000 and inquire about public restrooms in your immediate area.

Find Public Restrooms Near Your Current Location – click here


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