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Geolocation and Postal Address

How we determine your postal address and location with Google Maps

Find current location on Google Maps

Having a hard time figuring things out? What if you don’t know where you’re at? A Google Maps view of your current geographic location is provided by the ‘Where am I’ app. Mobile and desktop computers are supported by geolocation.

The service uses the Google Maps Geolocation API to find the location. Your IP address, the location of cellular service towers, and WiFi nodes that your smartphone can detect are all used to determine your current location.


Postal Address with Reverse Lookup

Using your current latitude and longitude coordinates, the app performs Reverse Geocoding to figure out the address you’re mailing to. You can use Google Earth to find out the date the satellite images were taken by entering the latitude and longitude values.

Your postal code, country, state, city, suburb, and street name are all revealed by the geocoder.

How to Give Location Access

The browser’s Geolocation API must be enabled in order for Google Maps to access your location.


Toggle the Location icon in the Action Center of Windows. In order to grant Maps permission in your browser, you’ll need to enable Location Services in System Preferences on a Mac.

Geolocation API

The `Where Am I` app uses HTML5 geolocation API to find your current position.

  ({ coords }) => {
    const { latitude, longitude, accuracy } = coords;
    console.log('Your current position is', latitude, longitude, accuracy);
  () => {
    console.log('Sorry, your location is unavailable');
  { enableHighAccuracy: true }

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