Samsung Galaxy Fit3 just tipped later this year


While the Galaxy Watch series receives the most of the attention, Samsung also manufactures smart bands. Occasionally, I’d say. Since its release alongside the Galaxy Tab A7 in September 2020, there hasn’t been a new Galaxy Fit2. That’s going to change in the future.

The Korean chapter of the Samsung Community forum provided this information. One person inquired about the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Fit3. Either the second half of this year or the first part of next year (if the timetable is delayed).

An estimated KRW 49,000-50,000 will be required to purchase the band. It’s hardly unexpected that the Fit3 will launch at the same price as the Fit2 (KRW 49,500), i.e. $60 in the United States and €50 in Europe.


Galaxy Fit3’s new features haven’t been revealed yet. With a 1.1″ screen, a slightly bigger battery, and greater efficiency, the Fit2 virtually doubled the battery life of the original Fit compared to the previous generation (going up to 14-15 days of average usage). In comparison to other fitness bands, the Fit2 lacks features such as SpO2 sensors, GPS receivers, and so on.

The product line-up is decided by individuals higher up in the corporation, thus this information may not be 100 percent trustworthy because it originates from a community manager. It appears that the band will not be included in the Galaxy Watch5 launch (which will coincide with the introduction of the 4th generation foldables), so all we can do is sit back and wait for it to arrive.


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