iOS 15.4 — New features coming to your iPhone


iOS 15.4 is out in beta, with a slew of new adjustments and additions to try. Apple may have introduced iOS 15 last autumn, but work on the iPhone software continues. Since the release of iOS 15, updates have brought additional features such as SharePlay for watching films and listening to music with others on FaceTime chats, as well as a new privacy report for all applications loaded on your iPhone.

The next version, iOS 15.4, was released in beta form last week, and it’s already shaping up to be a significant update for iOS 15. While there are no new features as major as SharePlay or a long-missing feature like App Privacy Report, iOS 15.4 does include a number of changes and adjustments. Also Super Bowl 2022 live stream: How to watch online, date, time and other

One in particular will be welcomed by masking-wearing iPhone users who haven’t been able to unlock their phones with Face ID since the coronavirus outbreak began.


Here’s a look at some of the most fascinating new features in iOS 15.4, as well as instructions on how to obtain the beta right now.

iOS 15.4 — how to try out the latest iOS 15 beta

The first developer beta for iOS 15.4 was released last week, followed by the public beta immediately after. (That’s Apple’s strategy: release a beta to developers, then a public beta a day or two later.) We may expect further releases of the iOS 15.4 beta as Apple works out any bugs before releasing the final version.

If you’re already a member of Apple’s Beta Software Program, iOS 15.4 is available for download. Simply open the Settings app on your phone and select General, then Software Updates. From there, simply hit the link to download and install the beta.


If you aren’t currently a member of Apple’s Beta Software programme, you may still sign up and try out iOS 15.4. To register the iPhone on which you intend to run the beta, go to Apple’s Beta Software Program website and sign in with your Apple ID. Then, just follow the on-screen directions to install the beta software profile.

In our experience, iOS 15.4 is rather stable, while it is still a beta, so issues may arise. If you’re not comfortable debugging, we recommend installing the iOS 15.4 beta on a separate iOS device. If one isn’t accessible, you’re generally better off waiting until the complete version of iOS 15.4 becomes available later this week.

iOS 15.4 runs on the same devices as iOS 15 — an iPhone 6s or later.


Top iOS 15.4 features

Use Face ID with a mask

We initially reported on this when the initial developer beta of iOS 15.4 was released, since it’s significant: you can now enable a Face ID feature that allows Apple’s unlocking technology to detect your face even if you’re wearing a mask. Enabling this function sacrifices some security, but it saves you the bother of having to enter your passcode every time you need to open your phone.

To enable the functionality, go to Face ID & Passcode, where there is now a toggle for utilising Face ID with a mask on. If you enable it, you will be prompted to scan your face one again. After you’ve done all of that, Face ID should unlock your phone whenever you look at it, even if you’re wearing a mask.

The function is only available on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 devices. My iPhone 13 running the iOS 15.4 beta has the setting, but my iPhone 11 Pro Max running the same beta does not have a Use with Face Mask setting.


Live Text integration with Notes and Reminders

If you’ve used iOS 15, you’re certainly familiar with the Live Text feature, which allows you to capture text with your phone’s camera and paste it into other applications. You could already utilise Live Text with Notes and Reminders, but iOS 15.4 enhances the text-scanning feature’s integration.

In particular, a Scan Text command has been added to the pop-up menu that displays in either app. When you do this, a camera window emerges in which you may capture text from a book, note, or photo. That content displays immediately in your Note or Reminder, and you may hit Insert after you’ve recorded all of the text you want.

New Apple Pay authentication screen

One of my pet peeves with my iPhone is pulling it out of my pocket only to discover that I’ve accidentally opened Apple Pay by double-clicking the side button twice. As a result, instead of my lock screen, I’m gazing at a list of all the credit and bank cards I’ve saved on my phone. It’s quite unsettling.


I’m not sure if other people are experiencing the same issue with their iPhone, but Apple has added a modest degree of security. When you double-click the side button, an authentication screen displays, prompting you to enter your Face ID or passcode before your credit cards and passes appear. And, sure, if you’ve configured your iPhone to allow Face ID to function with face masks, you can simply bypass the login screen.

Lots of new emoji in iOS 15.4

It’s not an iOS update until there are new emoji to add to your text messages, tweets, and emails, and iOS 15.4 delivers with over three dozen new possibilities.

Melting face, loving hands, and disco ball are among the 37 emoji. There’s a pregnant woman emoji, as well as one of a pregnant guy. There are other icons for biting your lip, beans, a troll, and a jar. The Unicode Consortium approved all of the emoji that would be included in iOS 15.4 in September.


New camera options in the Magnifier app

I’ve programmed my iPhone’s side button to activate the Magnifier app, which can help me zoom in on difficult-to-read language and fine print on labels. Thanks to new camera modes coming in iOS 15.4, it appears I’ll be able to choose between multiple cameras on my iPhone.

You’ll have to go into the Magnifier app’s settings to do it, but you can add a Cameras control to the app to swap lenses. Which cameras are supported dependent on the phone. For example, with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, I can now toggle between Auto, Telephoto, Macro, and Selfie modes. The dual-camera iPhone 13 only has wide-angle and selfie options.

Notes in Keychain Passwords

Passwords may be stored on your iPhone and kept on the keychain for quick logins. That isn’t new in iOS 15.4, although there is a notes area. You may make notes on essential passwords in the Settings app’s Passwords section.


Why would you do that? Because such notes may also be found in the Passwords section. And it’s sometimes simpler to write in the name of what you’re using the password for rather than remembering the name of the programme or website you want to access.

Other iOS 15.4 additions and enhancements

There are a few other iOS 15.4 changes of note, even if they’re essentially minor tweaks.

  • The Up Next part of the TV app now allows you choose between Still Frame and Poster Art for listing the programmes in your queue. (You make this change in the TV Settings App.)
  • Within Apple Music, there is now a SharePlay option on the Share sheet for albums and songs.
  • If you have Apple’s credit card, an Apple Card widget now displays your balance, spending power, and spending activity.
  • If you like, you may execute personal automations from Shortcuts in the background without seeing banner notifications.
  • The App Store now features a new notifications section where you can manage alerts for New Features & Updates as well as Recommendations & Offers.


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