Bryce fractures thumb on HBP: ‘A gut punch’


In San Diego At Petco Park on Saturday night, the Phillies’ season was altered by one pitch.

When Blake Snell’s fastball, traveling at 97.2 mph, struck Bryce Harper in the fourth inning, he fractured his left thumb. Harper is unsure of how much time he will miss or whether surgery is necessary. After receiving additional evaluation in Philadelphia, he will understand that better.

Harper described the Phillies’ 4-2 victory over the Padres as “simply a gut blow.”


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Missing any time is a serious setback. The current NL MVP cannot be replaced.

Things take place for a purpose, according to Harper. “Everyone agrees. At the moment, this argument stinks, but it is what it is. I must maintain my optimism. For the sake of the guys in here, I must be upbeat. They’ll take up the slack, I’m sure. I’m simply incredibly disappointed for the team, the players, Philadelphia, the city, and the supporters. Every day, I enjoy going outside and playing. Definitely disappointed


Despite playing with a ruptured UCL in his right arm since mid-April, Harper was having one of his best seasons of his career. He was hitting.318 with 48 RBIs, 15 home runs, and an OPS of.984. He has the fifth-best hitting average in the NL, the sixth-best on-base percentage (.385), and the second-best slugging percentage (.599).

Harper will be added to the 10-day disabled list by the Phillies on Sunday. He will be replaced on the roster by outfielder Mickey Moniak of Triple-A Lehigh Valley. They are hoping he will show up in time for Sunday’s series finale.

Rob Thomson, the interim manager of the Phillies, remarked, “It’s a hard pill to swallow.” “But they won’t postpone any games. We must engage in play.


According to Thomson, Kyle Schwarber, Nick Castellanos, and others will alternate with Harper as the Phillies’ designated hitter. But everyone who can hit will have to do so.

Castellanos described it as “devastating, to put it mildly.” “He’s having an MVP-caliber, All-Star year. Any amount of time is too long to lose him. Each of us will need to do more. Certainly including me. It must be done in order to carry the weight that we will be lacking.

“We are where we are, we have won the games we have played, but I still believe that J.T. [Realmuto] and Rhys [Hoskins] can be better players.” There is a significantly improved version of myself. I believe all those people will eventually appear. Baseball can become quite entertaining very quickly if they arrive at the same time.


Dave Dombrowski, the president of baseball operations for the Philadelphia Phillies, claimed that Ronald Acua Jr.’s season-ending knee injury on July 10 did not prevent the Braves from winning the World Series the previous year.

Their final regular-season score was 44–29. This year, Fernando Tatis Jr. has not played for the Padres. They are 45 to 29.

On July 26, 2007, Chase Utley broke his right hand. Aug. 27 saw his return. Without him, the Phillies finished 15-13.


Dombrowski remarked, “I mean, you just have to do it.” You lose talented athletes. I’m not sure how long he’ll be gone right now, but hopefully he’ll return at some time. From this point on, all we have to do is keep going and work as hard as we can. There are still a lot of strong hitters in our lineup.

It is unknown if Dombrowski will try to add a player from outside the organization to the roster. It is too soon to say how Harper’s injury would change the team’s trade deadline strategy for August 2.

Dombrowski added, “This just happened. “We must assess our performance. We should play well, I still believe. Our club is still strong.


As soon as the pitch struck Harper, he fell to the ground. It was as horrible as it appeared. Dombrowski and others believed it struck Harper in the face when it did so in St. Louis, Missouri, in April 2021. Harper managed to escape from that one unharmed, suffering only a forearm injury from the ricochet.

Harper added, “I kind of wish it would have smacked me in the face. I don’t fracture any facial bones. I can withstand 98 blows to the face, but not 97 to the thumb.

Harper finally stood up. While holding his thumb, he shook. He yelled at Snell out of frustration. They have been friends for a long time. Throughout the game, they exchanged texts. They are fine, according to Harper.


Naturally, I felt awful for punching him, Snell admitted. “We discussed it and resolved it. Never was anything there. Just an emotional thing. He plays with great passion, so I can see why he could be irritated. He and I are both upset, too.

Some fractured thumbs appear to take four to six weeks to heal. Earlier this month, Reds catcher Tyler Stephenson injured his right thumb. Brandon Belt, a first baseman for the Giants, suffered a thumb fracture in September. In February 2021, Realmuto had a fractured right thumb.

Each patient had an expected four to six-week recovery.


Harper won’t learn the extent of his injury until the next week, though.

He claimed, “I’ve never broken anything in my life. “I’m unfamiliar with this. It’s unfortunate.


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