Apple may debut Mac Mini M2 and HomePod soon


Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman describes a wave of upcoming Apple goods that will include its CPUs.

Mac Mini M2

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple is preparing to introduce a wide range of items during its forthcoming event in September and during the first half of 2023.

Apple appears to still be working on the Macbook range even after releasing the new MacBook Air 2022 and MacBook Pro 2022 13-inch with the new M2 CPU at WWDC this year. According to reports, they are developing new Macs that will use the M2 Pro processor.


Additional Macs in Apple’s product roadmap are described by Mark Gurman in his most recent Power On newsletter(opens in new tab). This includes a new Mac mini model for 2022 that may incorporate M2 and M2 Pro processors, as well as M2 Pro and M2 Max variations for the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models.

A new Mac Pro tower with M2 Ultra and “M2 Extreme” CPUs is also mentioned by Gurman. According to reports, the items “will emerge in far faster succession than the M1-based Macs did.”

The brand-new, powerful M2 processor and the macOS Ventura operating system, both revealed at WWDC 2022, will continue to be at the heart of Apple’s upcoming Macs.


If Gurman’s assertions are accurate, it would appear that Apple has released more “new” CPUs this year than just the M2, with each chip being designed to compete with a certain product.

It’s intriguing to see what Apple has in store with high-octane sounding CPUs like “M2 Ultra” and “M2 Extreme” since Mac Pro is currently the most powerful desktop Mac that Apple offers.

There are still more new chips being released. Gurman also asserts that Apple is developing the following M3 processor, which might appear in the 13-inch Macbook Air in 2023.


Apple is already working on the M3 successor to the M2, and Gurman reports that the firm intends to employ that processor as soon as next year with improvements to the 13-inch MacBook Air.

A new 12-inch laptop and a 15-inch MacBook Air 2023 may possibly be in the pipeline for 2019.

 A new Apple HomePod 

Yes, Gurman’s main surprise assertion in his newsletter is that. HomePod, Apple’s smart speaker, was unexpectedly terminated in 2021, but Gurman now claims that the corporation may introduce a new HomePod.


Gurman predicts that the next HomePod will resemble the 2018 model in terms of both appearance and audio quality. It could have an improved display on top of the speaker that might support multi-touch, as well as Apple’s future S8 processor, which is said to be coming to the Apple Watch 8.

Currently, the HomePod Mini, which costs $99 and has an S5 processor, is the only smart speaker from Apple that has Siri. A new version of the HomePod Mini may not be released any time soon, but S8 on the HomePod may bring a ton of power and an upgrade in audio performance.

The HomePod was one of the most expensive smart speakers available at the time, retailing for $349. On the other hand, the HomePod Mini was more popular because it managed to pack some of the finest features of the HomePod into a smaller, more portable, and more reasonably priced gadget.


It’s unclear whether the HomePod will go on sale this year or at the beginning of 2019.

With the flood of items it will release, Gurman said Apple is “about to embark on one of the most ambitious eras of new products in its history.”


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