UPS ‘Mechanical’ Issues are Delaying MacBook Pro Shipments

Several customers who have ordered the new redesigned MacBook Pros have been advised that their shipments would be delayed owing to “mechanical” concerns with UPS, the company that Apple uses to send its products across the world.


When numerous consumers trace their new MacBook Pro shipping, they are advised that “a mechanical breakdown has caused a delay.” Customers on the MacRumors Forum are also saying that UPS is sending emails to customers warning them of unidentified technical difficulties and that anticipated arrival dates may vary depending on ground conditions.

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Due to mechanical difficulties, potentially involving aeroplanes, shipments of MacBook Pros and, presumably, other consumer electrical items are being left stranded on the ground in Chinese towns. Some goods are still on the ground in Shanghai and Seoul, South Korea, and there are few UPS aircraft planned to leave either city today, according to publicly accessible flight data. One UPS flight from Seoul to Cologne that was scheduled for later today has been cancelled, as noted on Reddit. Customers are also sharing their frustrations on Twitter.


MacBook Pro shipments are anticipated to arrive from Asia in Cologne, Germany, one of UPS’ key hubs in Europe, before being transported to clients across Europe. According to Reddit, a UPS flight from Seoul to Cologne scheduled for later today has been cancelled.

Customers noted the same explanation of a “mechanical failure” regarding their delivery, possibly pertaining to the aircraft used by UPS to transport devices from China to the rest of the world. Of the users highlighted the first said their new laptop had been stuck in China “for days”, while another had a message stating UPS would “update the delivery date as soon as possible.” Some good news, one user did not that their parcel was now on the way, suggesting the disruption may only be temporary.

iMore has reached out to UPS for comment on the situation.


Apple unveiled its new MacBook Pro featuring the all-new M1 Pro and M1 Max Apple silicon chips, as well as a new 120Hz mini-LED display, updated chassis, and a return of some pro ports like HDMI, the SD card slot, and MagSafe.

One UPS flight from Seoul to Cologne that was planned for later today has been cancelled, according to Reddit.

Another message consumers are receiving is, “Your package is currently within the UPS network; nevertheless, an unanticipated event has happened, which may result in a modification to the scheduled delivery date.”




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