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WhatsApp latest updates: new features and upgrades


Listed here are the most recent WhatsApp changes, including the ability to transfer iOS chat history to Android.

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A steady stream of notifications from WhatsApp is common. With an estimated 2 billion active monthly users, it’s no wonder that it’s the world’s most popular messaging service.

Facebook’s service is continually evolving, with new features being added and existing ones being modified as necessary.


In order to stay on top of the latest modifications and improvements to WhatsApp, as well as any upcoming additions or alterations, devotees should check back regularly.

WhatsApp’s most recent updates (updated May 18)

Soon, you may be able to leave group conversations without being noticed.


Currently, WhatsApp is experimenting with the option to quit a group chat quietly, according to WABetaInfo’s code divers. Using this new function, it appears that people can leave groups without posting a notice to everyone. Instead, only the group administrators will be made aware of your leaving.

A notification is now posted in the chat when a member of a WhatsApp group decides to quit the group. This isn’t a big deal most of the time, but if you want to silently leave a WhatsApp group without being confronted with embarrassing questions, having your exit essentially broadcast by megaphone might be an irritation. When WhatsApp goes live, we’re very sure this test feature will be included.

May 9: WhatsApp receives a significant official update.


WhatsApp has made several significant updates to improve the service and bring it closer to rival messaging apps. Sending files as large as 2GB and having even larger group chats are all part of the overhaul.

Previously, a group chat could accommodate up to 256 users at a time, which is already a large amount by today’s standards. Up to 512 people can participate in the current edition, and you best hope none of them are trying to chat at the same time, because that would be a nightmare to try to follow.

It’s also a good thing that the file-sharing size has increased. In the past, the limit was merely 100MB, which isn’t much these days, especially if you’re trying to share videos. Despite the fact that 2GB may not seem like much, it greatly increases the amount of data you may send using WhatsApp.


In a future version, WhatsApp for iOS will receive notifications when a user’s profile picture is updated.

It has been found by WABetaInfo that version of the WhatsApp iOS beta will include profile photographs in message alerts.

When using WhatsApp on iOS, it only shows the name of the sender and, depending on your notification preferences in iOS 15, either “notification” or “notification” underneath the name. A profile picture of the sender isn’t going to change anything, but it does give a bit of vitality to the notifications. If you’re going along a busy street, it can be difficult to read text quickly, so this could make it easier for people to see who has messaged them.


When this planned feature will be made accessible in the complete version of WhatsApp is not certain, but it serves as a sign of WhatsApp’s eagerness to roll out new features in 2017.

Before you send a WhatsApp voice message, you may now preview it.

Since it has exited the preview stage, WhatsApp now allows users to hear their voice messages before sending them. It’s safe to say that the new function will assist you avoid mistakenly sending something with a vocal error or an overly long and rambling voice message.


For those of us who have a tendency to lash out at the drop of a hat when we’re irritated or enraged, this feature offers us an opportunity to think about what we’ve just said before we send it.

Or, in the words of WhatsApp, “you can send your departing message with confidence by examining a draught of a voice recording before you send it.”

On November 9th, 2021, WhatsApp beta will feature multi-device interoperability across iOS, Android, and other platforms.


Multi-device combability, as the name suggests, means that you can use WhatsApp on many devices at once, rather than having to transfer it each time.

In a blog post, WhatsApp noted that “the multi-device beta is an opt-in programme that allows you to trial a new version of WhatsApp for Web, Desktop, and Portal.” “You can utilise linked companion devices without having to keep your phone connected if you join the multi-device beta.”

It is possible to connect as many as four companion devices simultaneously. Interestingly, these devices will be removed after 14 days if you don’t connect to them, which helps with security. In addition, all of these companion devices will be protected by end-to-end encryption.


October 14, 2021: WhatsApp’s chat backups may soon be easier to maintain.

WhatsApp’s chat backups can quickly grow in size if you don’t keep an eye on them, which is especially problematic if you’re in a discussion where a lot of images and videos are being exchanged. It can be difficult to transfer phones and restore chats because these backups can grow to gigabytes in size.

WABetaInfo identified a tool named “Manage backup size” in the current WhatsApp beta that allows users to have more control over what gets backed up and an estimate of the size of a prospective backup before it is completed, although this could soon change.


As a beneficial function, we’d expect Facebook to introduce it to WhatsApp, rather than just testing it out as a separate app feature.

End-to-end encrypted backups for WhatsApp for iOS are now available as of today, on October 8th, 2021.

WhatsApp messages are encrypted end-to-end, which means no one but you and the recipient can read them. Your iCloud backups, on the other hand, are not so safe. Because they lack end-to-end encryption, Apple has the ability to decrypt them.


There are end-to-end encrypted backups in the iOS version of WhatsApp, according to WABetaInfo. This ensures the security of your communications should your iCloud account be compromised because the decryption keys are owned by you, the user.

You won’t have to wait too long to add an extra layer of protection to your discussions now that it’s in beta.

You may now transcribe voice notes on WhatsApp for those occasions when you’re not able to listen in.


Taking voice notes is great if you have the ability to hear what you’ve recorded. You can’t do anything with them if you can’t, which is why WhatsApp may give you the option of transcribing them in the future.

WABetaInfo and WhatsApp confirmed that the functionality will allow users to send audio to be transcribed and receive it back in an easily understandable manner. Instead of being transferred to Facebook, the parent firm, which has a history of disregarding customer privacy, iOS data will be delivered directly to the company itself. A rumoured alternative is that this function will send Android voice data to Google, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Although WhatsApp says this feature is still in the “very early stages of developing and development,” it isn’t ready for prime time. As a result, don’t expect it any time soon.


WhatsApp is getting two of Android’s most requested features on August 14, 2021.

With all that WhatsApp does, there are still a few things that users would like to see added in the future. Fortunately, two of these are on the way: the ability to transfer chat history between Android devices, and greater support for multiple devices.

The beta version of WhatsApp’s multi-device compatibility allows you to use the app on four other devices simultaneously, even if your phone is out of reach. If you don’t use your phone for two weeks, the devices will no longer be able to connect to it.


In the near future, Samsung phones will be the only ones to be able to transfer conversation history between devices. However, we don’t know when it will be available on other Android devices.

WhatsApp’s Android beta for August 10, 2021, adds “affectionate” emojis to messages.

WABetaInfo’s regular beta code miners have discovered new Android beta WhatsApp emojis, with a focus on compassionate designs. There are 217 new certified emojis in the Unicode Consortium’s Emoji 13.1 update and they’ve supposedly arrived in the beta of WhatsApp Android, which is the latest version of the programme.


They include new heart emojis that appear to communicate a mended heart and a burning heart, as well as close affection between people. Having one’s “head in the clouds” appears to be an emoji in its own right. Given that these emojis are now available on the iOS 14.5 version of WhatsApp, they are expected to be added to the Android version of WhatsApp in the near future.

WhatsApp View, August 4, 2021, 7:00 PM PDT Photo and video messages can now be sent to anyone, no matter where they are.

Once a user views a photo or video, WhatsApp will automatically delete it from the user’s account. This functionality was part of the beta version (see below).


You’ll be able to tell if a message is one-time use by looking for a new “one-time” icon in the chat window. If you don’t see a View Once photo or video within 14 days of receiving it, it will be erased. Users can’t save or forwards View Once-tagged photographs or videos they’ve received.

To use the function, you must pick View One each time you transmit a movie or photo, which should help you avoid sending photos that you want the recipient to keep in their collection. Just be aware that photo and video recipients will still be able to take a screenshot or utilise screen recording to capture the video, so make sure you’re sending View Once messages to trustworthy contacts…

Not only will it help those who are concerned about their privacy, but it will also help keep a photo or video gallery app from being cluttered with images and movies that users don’t want to keep.


WhatsApp is rumoured to be working on an iOS to Android conversation history transfer capability as early as July 28th, 2021.

Using WABetaInfo’s latest code digging, it was discovered that WhatsApp beta users can transfer their chat history from their iPhones to Android phones.

If you’re using the iOS WhatsApp app, you may either scan a QR code or access the transfer option by going to the settings menu and clicking on the option.


Such an option would make it easier to move from an iPhone to one of our best Android phones. However, it’s not clear when the feature will be rolled out to the entire iOS version of WhatsApp. Even if the iPhone 13 doesn’t offer enough of an update over the iPhone 12, some consumers may choose to switch to reported forthcoming phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Hopefully it will arrive sooner rather than later.

WhatsApp now allows you to join group calls that have already started, as of July 20, 2021.

WhatsApp users can now join a group call that has already begun, even if they first ignored the call.


You had to accept the invitation when it was originally given out at the beginning of a group call in order to join. However, you may now easily join a call by going to the Calls tab.

2021: WhatsApp’s vanishing messages make an appearance in the iOS beta version (July 12)

WhatsApp on Testflight appears to offer disappearing messages, according to WABetaInfo’s investigation of the programme. Users can supposedly email photographs and videos that self-destruct once they have been seen once.


When the functionality is rolled out to the full version of WhatsApp, privacy-conscious users will find it useful. However, this function isn’t foolproof because it won’t stop recipients from taking a screenshot and saving it for later.

In order to utilise the view once function on WhatsApp, you’ll have to enable it yourself, and it’s currently only available to those who are in the beta programme. Those who haven’t signed up for the beta programme may be out of luck, as it’s currently full.

On July 12th, 2021, WhatsApp will be able to improve the quality of your images and videos.


For those who want to communicate high-quality photographs and videos, WABetaInfo has detected a “best quality” option in the latest WhatsApp beta.

If you have a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, this appears to be a means to transfer high-quality photographs and movies.

WhatsApp is apparently testing “View Once” communications as early as July 1, 2021.


New “View Once” feature will allow users to see incoming messages only once before they are permanently destroyed, according to WABetaInfo, which notes the release of a new “View Once” function. The business has previously supplied self-destructing texts, albeit with a far shorter viewing window.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp for Android is now rolling out the View Once feature to select beta testers. The sender will know that the communication has been viewed once it has been viewed. The message is gone for good after you shut the window.

On June 27, 2021, WhatsApp will begin testing a new voice message feature that will allow users to send audio messages.


According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is now testing a reworked version of the voice messaging feature that allows users to not only see a waveform of their voice when recording a message, but also to stop a recording so that they may listen to your message before sending.

It’s easy to record and transmit a message without checking it first on the current full version of WhatsApp on iOS or Android because of this limitation. The Voice Waveform feature was demonstrated by WABetaInfo in a video, which suggests that it will be included in the final version of WhatsApp.


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