WhatsApp’s new update soon let you ‘silently’ leave group chats


This important new function is apparently being tested by WhatsApp.

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A notification is now posted in the chat when a member of a WhatsApp group decides to quit the group. This isn’t a big deal most of the time, but if you want to silently leave a WhatsApp group without being confronted with embarrassing questions, having your exit essentially broadcast by megaphone might be an irritation.

New WhatsApp function comes in help in this situation. Group conversation exits are now being tested by WABetaInfo on WhatsApp, according to reports. Allows users to depart groups without posting a notification to everyone else. Instead, only the group administrators will be made aware of your leaving.


This WhatsApp feature ensures that no one else in the chat will know you’ve left unless you either inform them yourself or they scroll through the participant list and see your user name is no longer there. Overall, it’s a little feature, but it serves a necessary purpose. It’s not uncommon for WhatsApp users to be reluctant to leave a group chat for fear of being asked awkward questions about why they left.

A beta version of this feature has finally been made available, as first suggested last month. Whatsapp has included a new leave prompt that reads “Only you and group admins will be notified that you left the group,” according to WABetaInfo. When the function has finished testing and is ready to be made available to all users, it is likely that it will also be available on mobile devices.

This new feature has yet to be rolled out, and there are no confirmed dates for its release. Currently in beta testing, there is no certainty that it will be made available to the general public at any point in the future. A feature that would be welcomed by the vast majority of users is expected in a future update.


Also, as WABetaInfo has revealed, WhatsApp is now experimenting with rich link previews in its status updates as well. When you post a link to a website in a status update, the link will appear in a rich link preview.

There have been a lot of long-awaited updates to WhatsApp recently, including a significant overhaul of the messaging service earlier this month. WhatsApp is reportedly working on tablet and multi-device functionality, two capabilities that have been long overdue for the service.


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