Mark Zuckerberg unveils wild AR plans at Facebook Connect event

Mark Zuckerberg’s opening address at the Facebook Communicate event highlighted his ideas for a metaverse that merges the real and virtual worlds, allowing users to connect from wherever in the globe via gadgets like the Oculus Quest 2 headgear and Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses.


Users will be able to make art and tell tales using AR tags attached to real-world locations, play table tennis or chess with players who aren’t physically there, and interact with digital objects that react realistically to human actions.

Mark Zuckerberg unveils wild AR plans at Facebook Connect event | TechRadar

Currently, Facebook’s intentions appear to be more science fiction than reality, but Mark Zuckerberg is trying hard to demonstrate how his Horizon VR and AR platform will bring these concepts to life. His careful language, on the other hand, indicates that this interwoven future is yet unknown.


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“This sounds like science fiction,” says the analyst.

Mark Zuckerberg described a future in which holograms will perform alongside humans at concerts and individuals will be able to collaborate in virtual workplaces while being thousands of miles away. Hearing him talk, it’s difficult not to be awestruck by the world that may exist.

However, while certain components of this interconnected metaverse are already in place, critical foundations appear to be at least a decade away. We just don’t have the technology yet, and although we can begin to develop in that direction, the entire presentation is full of guesswork, leaving us wondering why we bothered to watch.


To be fair, it wasn’t entirely hypothetical. Facebook recognises that bringing the metaverse to life would need a massive amount of collaboration, and has announced plans to implement in the coming year. Facebook disclosed plans to build formal classes as a first step to help attract more creatives to the area of augmented reality, but the journey to metaverse seems like walking one inch in a marathon – there’s still a long way to go.

The notion of the metaverse People may be there with friends and family in virtual space as if they were physically present. Users may also utilise VR headgear to work, play games, and chat in a virtual world. Meanwhile, Facebook has been working on new versions of its virtual reality headsets and recently announced a collaboration with Ray-Ban on its first smart glasses. In a blog post, Facebook stated, “The metaverse has the potential to help open access to new creative, social, and economic opportunities.”

At Facebook’s annual Connect Conference on Thursday, October 28, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is expected to unveil the company’s new name as well as his vision for the future of virtual reality and augmented reality.


The social networking platform and all of its subsidiaries, including Instagram and WhatsApp, are slated to be rebranded under a new, renamed parent corporation. This news comes only a week after Facebook announced its ambition to enter the virtual reality space with its “metaverse” platform.



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