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Here’s why Joe Rogan Says He Refused Trump as a Podcast Guest


The analyst, who is no stranger to controversy, asserted that he had repeatedly turned down the former president’s invitation to appear on his popular show on Spotify.

Joe Rogan, a prominent figure among many Donald J. Trump followers thanks to his skepticism about vaccines and political conspiracies, stated that he had previously turned down the former president’s invitation to appear on his renowned podcast.

I’ve had the chance to have him on my show multiple times. The “Joe Rogan Experience” host remarked on Monday’s episode of Lex Fridman’s podcast, “I’ve said no every time. I do not wish to assist him.


In addition to hosting a podcast, Mr. Rogan is also a comedian and a sports commentator. He is the highest-paid podcaster on Spotify thanks to a $200 million contract for the exclusive rights to host his show, which draws millions of listeners each week.

He labeled the former leader “a controversial personality” and “an existential menace to democracy” on Monday. On his podcast, Mr. Rogan recently expressed his support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, if he decided to run for president. Mr. Rogan previously endorsed Vermont senator and progressive Bernie Sanders for president in 2020.

The podcaster has drawn criticism for using a racist slur, making fun of the first openly transgender mixed martial artist, and claiming to have a “love-hate relationship with conspiracies.” Medical professionals urged Spotify to intervene at the start of this year after criticizing him for spreading false information about Covid-19 on their platform.


In a memo published in February, Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek declined to “delete” Mr. Rogan after musicians like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell resigned in opposition.

Other significant tech platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, have struggled for a while to figure out how to control user speech, especially that of well-known users like Mr. Trump.


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