Joe Rogan confirm He Refused to Interview Donald Trump: ‘I Don’t Want to Help Him’


“I’m not a Trump supporter in any way, shape, or form,” the host confirmed.

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The podcaster Joe Rogan has been in the middle of a lot of controversy lately, but he claims to have dodged the biggest one by not interviewing former president Donald Trump.

The host, who has been subjected to a Neil Young-led boycott, content advisory warnings over his Covid-19 misinformation, episodes being pulled, and criticism for his past use of the N-word, was interviewed for the Lex Fridman Podcast and acknowledged turning down an interview with Trump on multiple occasions.


Rogan declared, “I’m not a Trump supporter in any way, shape, or form. “I’ve had the chance to have him on my show more than once, but every time I’ve said no. I have no desire to assist him. I have no desire to assist him.

The former president, according to Rogan, is “an existential threat to democracy itself,” but he also criticized those who “felt like they could abdicate their own ethics, morality, and ideals just to bash him and everybody who supports him.”

Rogan joked that President Joe Biden would be “running against a dead man” if Trump were to win in 2024 when asked if he thought he might. When Biden exits the stage, Rogan remarked, “I mean, he shakes hands with people who aren’t even there.” “I believe he is observing ghosts. Have you seen him recently on Jimmy Kimmel? He was merely babbling. Every every talk show would be screaming for him to be taken off the air if he were anyone else, if he were a Republican, or if that was Donald Trump doing that.


Fridman indicated that despite Rogan’s reservations, Trump might eventually appear as a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience because Rogan has previously invited controversial personalities like Kanye West.

Rogan responded, “Yeah, but Kanye is an artist. “Kanye’s success or failure does not alter the direction of our nation.”

Rogan asserted on his podcast in April that despite the flood of controversy surrounding him, his subscriber base had increased recently, claiming that he had “gained two million subscribers.” Although the podcast’s host, Spotify, does not publicly disclose the number of subscribers, sources have confirmed that the Joe Rogan Experience’s listenership has grown recently and has never decreased despite the controversy.


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