Stranger Things 4 volume 2 release date and time: how to watch free


The gang will return to the Upside Down in Stranger Things 4 volume 2 when it releases.

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The release date for Stranger Things 4 volume 2 is approaching. The first Stranger Things 4 volume 2 trailer does feature Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” but we’re not practicing by playing it over and again.

However, it appears that our anticipation for Stranger Things 4 volume 2 on Netflix is heading toward a very depressing conclusion. The aforementioned clip practically screams “prepare your Stranger Things 4 kills lists!” even if the group might live this season (Stranger Things 5 is guaranteed). However, in a minor spoiler, images from Stranger Things 4 volume 2 just revealed a character’s demise.


The 13 questions we have regarding Stranger Things 4 for volume 2 should all be answered, hopefully. Here is everything you need to watch Stranger Things 4 volume 2 online without further ado.

When does Stranger Things 4 volume 2 come out on Netflix?

The second volume of Stranger Things 4 will debut on Friday, July 1, at 3 a.m. ET, 12 a.m. PT, and 8 a.m. BST. When it announced the release dates for Stranger Things season 4, Netflix made this information public.

Episodes 8 and 9 make up Volume 2 of Stranger Things 4.


Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 trailers and teasers

If you didn’t think someone was going to die in the second volume of Stranger Things 4, I bet you now do.

The Stranger Things 4 volume 2 teaser trailer features the voice of Vecna, which is kind of like an Easter egg. If you stayed until the credits of Stranger Things 4 episode 7, you may have seen the footage below.

Vecna says to Eleven in a flashback when El unknowingly let 001/Henry Creel escape because he appears to be the one who created the Upside Down “Eleven, you have set me free, and it is over. Now is too late to halt this, “across a succession of lightning-fast moments.


As a part of Geeked Week, Netflix eventually released the authorized version of the clip.

Stranger Things 4 volume 2 running times

The first rumor of the length of the upcoming Stranger Things 4 episode was the kind of stunning information that intimidated as much as it would have irritated. When Netflix(opens in new tab) announced that “Episode 407 is 1 hour, 38 minutes; Episode 408 is roughly 1 hour, 25 minutes; and 409 is over two and a half hours,” everything got started.

The lack of specifics for those final two episodes (which make up the entirety of Stranger Things 4 volume 2) was sort of a warning sign that nobody really paid much attention to. The conclusion lasted “two and a half hours,” according to certain websites we won’t name.


The official Stranger Things writer’s room Twitter account(opens in new tab) then clarified the situation by posting, “Official finale runtime: 2 hours and 19 minutes.”

Stranger Things 4 volume 2 plot

The fact that we now know who was responsible for The Massacre at Hawkins Lab — and it wasn’t Eleven — is the biggest revelation of the finale. El may have liberated Henry Creel (aka 001) from the restrictions that the lab had implanted in his body, but she unknowingly helped Jamie Campbell Bower kill Creel. When Eleven arrived to stop Henry Creel, he essentially created (or sent him into) the familiar but unloved Upside Down.

Vecna now appears to be seeking retribution, and it is up to the children to put a stop to him. Eleven will need more of her capabilities to stop him because it appears that during her time inside the NINA project, when she was reliving her past, she only recovered a portion of them.


And although though Dustin and his friends were able to assist Steve, Robin, and Eddie in leaving the Upside-Down, Nancy is still there as a result of an unknown “fall.” In Stranger Things 4 volume 2, Steve’s (and the others’) greatest concern will probably be saving her.

In the meantime, Joyce and Murray located Hopper and Dmitri in Russia, who had just halted a Demogorgon with a spear to the face. We anticipate their swift return to the US.

However, one of us didn’t find the Stranger Things plot to be the most unexpected aspect of season 4.


Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 cast

For your convenience, we offer a complete Stranger Things season 4 cast and character guide. Expect, however, to see the younger adolescents’ regular, recognizable faces, including Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Max (Sadie Sink), and Will (Noah Schnapp). Oh, and because we’ve been impatiently awaiting the premiere of this new season, we’ve put together a timeline showing how the Stranger Things kids have grown up.

Speaking of Sink, she has informed the media that the fourth season of Stranger Things will feature the biggest “stakes” yet for the program. We’re unsure if this indicates that The Upside Down is evolving into a threat to the entire world or something else else.

Young adults Joe Keery (Joe Keery), Nancy (Natalia Dyer), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), Robin (Maya Hawke), Joyce (Winona Ryder), and Hopper will also make a comeback. Winona Ryder is one of our top picks for the best TV parent.


Erica (Priah Ferguson), Sam Owens (Paul Reiser), Karen (Cara Buono), and Murray are all seen in Stranger Things season 4. (Brett Gelman).

Variety(opens in new tab) has reported the addition of eight additional cast members, beginning with horror legend Robert Englund. Yes, the Freddy Krueger creator will appear in Stranger Things. Englund is playing Victor Creel, “a strange and imposing guy who is imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for a terrible murder in the 1950s,” according to the source.

Jamie Campbell Bower (Sweeney Todd) as 001/Henry Creel, a preoccupied stoner with a car. Eddie Munson, the leader of The Hellfire Club D&D group and a character played by Eduardo Franco (Booksmart) and Joseph Quinn (Catherine the Great), was targeted by Jason Carver, the wealthiest student at the school. A Russian trafficker named Yuri is Nikola Djuricko (Genius).


Grace Van Dien plays Chrissy, the star cheerleader and most popular student at Hawkins High. One of Vecna’s victims, although according to E! News, Ross and Matt Duffer regret murdering off Van Dien and wish to work with her more. The last person to see Chrissy alive was Eddie Munson; she might reappear in a flashback or in a dream (or nightmare) sequence experienced by him or by her boyfriend Jason Carver.

Other recent additions include the role of Dmitri, a Russian prison guard whom Hopper befriended, played by Game of Thrones actor Tom Wlaschiha. Lt. Colonel Sullivan, played by Sherman Augustus (Into the Badlands), is on a mission to eradicate evil from Hawkins permanently.

In order to assist Eleven regain her powers, Brenner (Matthew Modine), who “raised” her in the Hawkins National Laboratory, has also returned.


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