PS5 issues: Biggest PlayStation 5 problems to look out for


Updates for the PS5 have greatly improved the stability of the device, but watch out for these issues.

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With a spate of upgrades, the PS5’s bugs have essentially all been worked out after only about 18 months.

But in light of that, we’ve compiled a list of PS5 issues that may have caused the most trouble and that you should be aware of if you’ve been able to locate a resupply.


PS5 system updates

Over the past 18 months, Sony has released a number of PS5 updates that have significantly improved the PS5 user experience.

In addition to enabling the spare internal SSD port to accept upgrades, these features have included support for variable refresh rate (VRR), which enables the PS5 to “dynamically syncs the refresh rate of the display to the PS5 console’s graphical output.” For more information, see our guide on how to upgrade PS5 internal storage.

Reported PS5 issues

Data transfer from PS4 to PS5 via USB or LAN: When you initially obtain your PS5, it could be tempting to connect right away to your PS4 in order to transfer all of your data to your new system at once. As soon as the system prompts you to do so when you switch it on, you can accomplish this by connecting your PS4 to PS5 through USB or LAN.


Users said that attempting this resulted in system crashes, errors, and other issues. Now that it appears to be functioning properly, we advise you to follow our instructions for transferring data from a PS4 to a PS5.

Console crashes in rest mode: People reported crashes and errors that forced database rebuilding in the PS5’s rest mode. Overall, it appears that the difficulties have been resolved there. There are rumors about Rest Moe issues all over the Internet, but it’s not clear whether this is a problem with the PS5 firmware, the game, or user error. Simply select Power Saving from the System Settings menu in the Settings menu if you’d prefer not to take a chance. Select Don’t Put in Rest Mode after selecting Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode.

Corrupt external hard drives: Sony has long touted the PS5’s ability to use external hard drives as one of its most valuable features. You have plenty of additional room in addition to the space the system came with, so you may keep your PS4 games there if you’d like. However, some users are having trouble using an external hard drive to transfer data from their PS4 system to their PS5 system. Following the transfer process, some people are seeing corrupted data, while others have lost material that was previously stored on the hard drive.


This problem doesn’t seem to have a solution, but some advice suggests leaving your PS5 in Rest Mode with the USB storage connected. The error should only appear once if the user chooses to let the PS5 “fix” the USB drive, unless there is a more serious problem at hand.

Users who frequently experience system failures, crashes, and error code CE-108262-9 may be experiencing hardware failure and system degradation, which will require contacting tech support.

The type of error number CE-108262-9 is not one for which a firmware update is necessary. Consider contacting PlayStation support if you have this error frequently (or even just a few times) so they can look into a potential fix.


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