Prime Day 2022 — Best 3 deals I’m really waiting for


I’ll be checking for these discounts on Prime Day.

Next Monday, Amazon will mark its ninth Prime Day. This will also be my sixth year covering Amazon’s two-day event, on a personal note. It was exciting covering Prime Day for the first time in 2015 because I had no idea what to anticipate. As it was Amazon’s 20th anniversary, there was no predetermined screenplay.

Prime Days after that were less interesting. Another $19 Echo Dot(opens in new tab) was among the predicted offers, and the event ceased to feel like a great benefit for Prime members and more like a clearance sale. Time travel to 2022, and I’m once more a little eager for Prime Day. Here are three upcoming events that I’m excited about.


1. Dirt cheap OLED TVs

I’m eager to see how Amazon will handle the OLED TV sales during Prime Day. Since the beginning of the year, the cost of OLED TVs has significantly decreased, making it incredible that an LG 4K OLED TV is currently available at Amazon for only $739. Although this 48-inch OLED TV is the entry-level model from LG, prices for mid- and high-end models are falling dramatically.

Vizio’s 55-inch OLED TV was available on Amazon for about $806 on Memorial Day, while earlier today, the recently introduced Samsung 55-inch S95B 4K QD-OLED TV was available for $1,799 ($400 off). I’m looking for a $699 OLED TV this year. (Be sure to check out our coverage of Prime Day TV bargains for the best deals this week and next.)

2. MacBook Air M2 deals

The Apple MacBook Air M2 catches my attention because I need a new laptop. Since Steve Jobs removed the MacBook Air from a manila package, it has been my favorite laptop, but the previous several iterations have lacked that special something. This 2022 MacBook Air gets my attention despite being $200 more expensive, but I’m not willing to pay $1,199 for it.


So I’m hoping Amazon gives the new MacBook from Apple a $100 or $150 discount. It’s important to note that while preorders for the MacBook Air 2022 haven’t yet begun, there are very few odds that it will be on sale during Prime Day. But now that back-to-school sales have begun, the 2017 MacBook Air is $100 cheaper thanks to the Apple Store’s education discount. We can only hope that Amazon learns from Apple’s sale.

3. The first PS5/Xbox price cuts

Even though I don’t play video games, my coworker Rory Mellon and I have been monitoring Xbox Series X and PS5 resupply since the very beginning. Fortunately, finding both consoles in stock has been much simpler. While PS5 drops aren’t as hard to locate as they were a year ago, the is.

However, Prime Day is the ideal time to offer discounts on consoles, which is what I want to see. Amazon PS5 releases are now invitation-only occasions. In a similar vein, the merchant recently restricted its Xbox Series drops to Prime members alone. This should make it simpler to acquire a console, and maybe Amazon will offer a discount to Prime members in lieu of just giving them the option to do so (s).


What Amazon has planned for Prime Day 2022 is a mystery. The cost of an Amazon Prime membership isn’t going down, and the only way to keep me renewing my $139 subscription is with exclusive Prime member discounts.

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