Nintendo Switch Online gets an underrated Pokémon classic


The forthcoming addition of an N64 classic indicates that Nintendo Switch Online isn’t bereft of noteworthy additions.

On July 15, the Nintendo Switch’s online subscription service will include Pokémon Puzzle League. Pokémon Snap, which debuted on the service barely a month ago, has now been followed by the N64 puzzler.

Additionally, Pokémon Puzzle League will become the first non-Nintendo Switch Online N64 title to be added to the list. We should thus be prepared for a second wave of games to appear regularly throughout this year and maybe the next year.


You can never have too much Pokémon

Using the ‘Match 3’ type of puzzle game, Pokémon Puzzle League requires the player to swap around blocks of different colored pieces. Line up three or more blocks of the same kind, and they will be removed from the board. It is hoped that by doing so, you may score large and set your opponent back with a series of block lines.

Since the Gen 1 Pokémon anime was showing at the time, Pokémon Puzzle League is a little different. As a result, it includes anime clips and voice samples, which are quite uncommon on the N64.


There will be characters from that historic first season of anime available for you to play as. They are joined by the likes of Gary Oak and Team Rocket, as well as Ash, Misty and Brock.

This year has been a veritable deluge of Pokémon games of all shapes and sizes. Pokémon Legends Arceus, released in January, surprised gamers by putting a new twist on an old favorite. Also in November, the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games from Generation 9 will be released for the Nintendo Switch. These games will introduce players to new locations and pocket monsters.

Despite the lack of a core Pokémon game for the N64, there were a number of notable spin-offs. Nintendo Switch Online’s online service may one day include Pokémon Stadium and its sequel. For both the cinematic fights and the party minigames, of course.


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