Arceus and Darkrai are now in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl


This game’s legendary Pokémon encounters are aplenty, but you’ll have to meet certain requirements in order to fight and capture them all. After the current 1.3 update, players may meet, fight, and capture legendary Arceus and mythical Darkrai in the game.

image credits: redbull

Arceus can only be fought if players have saved data from Pokémon Legends: Arceus in which they have completed all the major narrative missions. The Azure Flute may be found in the player’s chamber in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl if they’ve fulfilled the prerequisites. After reaching Spear Pillar atop Mount Coronet, they are able to fight and capture Arceus, the creator of all Pokémon.

Those who want to own a Darkrai Member Card will have to get it through an Internet-based Mystery Gift distribution. The Sinnoh Hall of Fame and the National Pokédex are additional prerequisites for obtaining Darkrai. A Darkrai may be found on the island of Newmoon.


Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl owners who have the 1.3 update may now participate in these activities.

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