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Mac Pro with two M1 Ultra CPUs rumoured for September


Using two M1 Ultras together, the new Mac Pro will have a “bridge” that links them.

image credits: appleinsider

In the latest leak, it’s said that the new Mac Pro will be powered by a pair of M1 Ultra CPUs joined together, creating a massive power foundation for the new machine. According to the article, it will be made public in September as well.

In order to construct a new chip dubbed Redfern, Apple will combine two M1 Ultra processors via a bridge, according to schematics supplied by Twitter researcher Majin Bu.


According to my source, here is some official information on the upcoming Mac Pro 2022.

Two M1 Ultras will be linked together by this bridge in the upcoming 2022 Mac Pro.

Name of computer processor: “Redfern” In September, Apple is expected to release new Mac Pro models.


As of now, Majin Bu isn’t known for their leaks of Apple secrets, but they have previously posted photographs of new items, including the iPhone 13 in green and other new phone covers.

As an additional reason to pay heed to the storey, Bloomberg insider Mark Gurman’s past reports on the subject are consistent with it. According to Gurman’s writing in May 2021, Apple was planning new Macs, including as an upgraded iMac and a bigger MacBook Air, as well as new Mac minis and a new Mac Pro. The Mac Pro is expected to get a massive power boost, presumably dubbed M2, from the next generation of Apple chips.

In the Jade 2C-Die and Jade 4C-Die, a rebuilt Mac Pro is expected to include 20 or 40 processing cores, with 16 high-performance cores and four or eight high-efficiency cores. Graphics would be available in either 64 or 128 core configurations on the CPUs. Higher-end graphics chips would take the place of those now produced by Advanced Micro Devices Inc., while compute core counts would exceed the current 28-core limit given by Intel Mac Pro CPUs.


Despite the fact that it is hard to verify whether Bu’s leaked blueprints are authentic, the statistics alone appear to support this earlier storey.

A unique new design by Apple enables two M1 Ultra processors to be utilised as a single system on a chip, which is what drives the Mac Studio’s M1 Ultra processor. Support for up to 64 graphics and 32 Neural Engine cores is included in the 20 CPU cores (16 high-performance, four low-power).

Majin Bu’s allegation that putting two of them together would make the 40 core Mac Pro CPU with 128 graphics cores as Gurman specifically said is correct. The Mac Pro is still on the way, but it won’t be “anytime soon,” according to Gurman’s most recent email. However, he did make a wager on the chips:


In light of Apple’s announcement that the M1 Ultra is their last M1 processor, what does this signify for the Mac Pro? In my opinion, there are two ways to proceed.

Simply said, Apple could release a Mac Pro with an M1 Ultra and a twin M1 Ultra without rebranding the higher-performance CPU they’re already using. For some time, Apple has been working on a new Mac Pro with twice the processing power of the M1 Ultra and 128 graphics cores.

Gurman, on the other hand, speculated that the upcoming Mac Pro would not use an M1 processor, but an M2. The M2 Ultra would have 24 cores, while a device using two coupled processors would have 48.


A far earlier launch window with the M1 at its core is possible if Majin Bu’s information is right.

One or more Mac Pro models may be half the size of the present model, according to a number of other stories.


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