Instagram adds account deletion to iOS app to meet App Store rules


This week, Instagram added support for a fresh feature that lets users cancel their Instagram accounts directly from the Instagram app. Now that the App Store Guidelines have been amended, Instagram complies with the requirement that all apps that provide account creation also provide account cancellation.

Instagram delayed until the deadline to implement the feature because Apple informed developers that starting on June 30, 2022, apps that support account creation must also support account cancellation.

Apple’s standards state that apps must make it simple for users to find the option to delete their accounts; simply providing the option to temporarily deactivate or disable an account is not sufficient. All personal data must be able to be erased together with an account.


Until recently, Instagram users had to enter into a web browser on a desktop computer or a mobile device to cancel their accounts, as mentioned by TechCrunch. Additionally, there was an in-app option for deactivating accounts, but as was already indicated, Apple demands complete account deletion options.

By visiting the settings menu on the Instagram app, selecting Account, and then selecting the delete account option, Instagram accounts can be removed. Users on Instagram have the choice to delete or deactivate their accounts, with the delete option permanently wiping all information.

Apple’s policies for a pause before an account is permanently deleted, thus there is a 30-day window during which you can change your mind about doing so. After requesting deletion, users who log back into Instagram can halt the deletion.


Without saying that it is a requirement of Apple, Instagram stated in a statement to TechCrunch that it wanted to “offer consumers more ways to govern their experience and time spent on Instagram.”

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