Daily Quordle #162 — answers for Tuesday, July 5


I have Quordle #162. And the solutions are…

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It’s okay if you’re looking for the daily Quordle solutions for game #162 since Quordle is similar to Wordle but more harder. Or, more accurately, “answers,” since Quordle has four possible responses each day.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you should since it’s four times as entertaining as the first popular word game. But given that you only get nine guesses to discover the quartet of words, it’s probably more challenging than four times as hard. (Of course, Wordle can be challenging on some days, but the result for today is not too bad.)


The daily Quordle answers are reset, just like Wordle, so if you miss a game you have no way of knowing what they were. Except if you bookmark this page, in which case you can check today’s Quordle answers whenever you like since I’ll be updating it every morning.

But beware: game #162 spoilers are ahead, so only continue reading if you want to discover today’s Quordle solutions! Also, kindly refrain from using this page to trick others into thinking you answered a question correctly when in fact you didn’t. That would be a waste of all my effort.


Before I get on to today’s Quordle answers, I’ll give you a few hints to guide you in the right direction. I’ve got three starter clues for you, then one big hint at the end. And after that I’ll tell you the answers, promise.


So, here are your starter clues:

  • Only three vowels are used*
  • None of the answers contain a repeated letter
  • All four of the answers contain two vowels

* By vowel I’m meaning A, E, I, O, U. There are other letters that are sometimes considered to be vowels, depending on how they are used. 

The daily Quordle answers for game #162 are pretty straightforward, but here’s another clue to give you an advantage with one of them anyway: One of today’s Quordle answers means to narrow to a point.


Sill stuck? Then let’s move on to the answers.


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So, what are today’s Quordle answers for game #162?

I won’t make you wait any longer — here you go:


The daily Quordle answers for game #161 are pretty straightforward all round. None are obscure, there are no repeated letters and there are no uncommon letters save for a V in NAVEL.

You’ll still want a good strategy to help you solve it, though, because Quordle is never easy as such. Mine involves playing three set words at the outset in order to eliminate or confirm as many common letters as possible. I always start by playing one of the best Wordle start words, in my case STARE, then follow that up with DOILY and PUNCH.

That usually gives me a good head start on the daily Quordle answers, and it was VERY helpful today, giving me five yellow or green letters for two puzzles and four letters for the other two. That left me with just two more letters to find and a few anagrams to solve.


My game went very smoothly, but for one silly mistake. The two anagrams gave me HEARD and TAPER right away, and I should have solved LABOR easily too, but guessed the much less likely VALOR first. But on the plus side, that gave me a yellow V in the final answer, NAVEL, and I completed this daily Quordle with one guess remaining. Hopefully you solved it too.


If you’re looking for a list of older Quordle answers, we can also help. Here’s a list going back 20 games.

  • Quordle #161: REMIT, MANGY, SUMAC, TITHE
  • Quordle #160: MIDGE, WRACK, SONAR, FURRY
  • Quordle #159: APNEA, TITAN, NINNY, GAUNT
  • Quordle #158: RAMEN, STAID, WOODY, BASTE
  • Quordle #157: UTILE, DYING, ENDOW, SULLY
  • Quordle #156: CLICK, TONIC, SUITE, TOXIN
  • Quordle #155: SWASH, AUDIT, TAMER, TEACH
  • Quordle #154: CHIEF, SWIRL, SHUSH, OUTDO
  • Quordle #153: AUDIO, SLIME, LUCID, MAGMA
  • Quordle #152: MODEL, DRUID, TERSE, UNFIT
  • Quordle #151: TWIST, TWICE, CARGO, RATTY
  • Quordle #150: TORCH, TROVE, WRACK, SPOON
  • Quordle #149: CONCH, CHASE, CROWD, THRUM
  • Quordle #148: TREAT, SCALE, MAGMA, BLURT
  • Quordle #147: TRAIN, LINEN, BURST, SWEEP
  • Quordle #146: CRIED, MACRO, ARMOR, SHEIK
  • Quordle #145: PANIC, METAL, AGATE, MODEL
  • Quordle #144: VINYL, DOWDY, STEIN, PANEL
  • Quordle #143: LOSER, ALLOT, FIXER, SPARK
  • Quordle #142: SPOON, SPOOK, SCARF, SNOWY


One of the numerous Wordle clones that emerged after Wordle’s enormous success is Quordle. The game is roughly the same, but you play four different games at once and have nine chances to correctly guess every answer.


The letters act similarly to how they do in Wordle, becoming green if they are in the appropriate position, yellow if they are in the word but in the incorrect placement, and gray if they are not present at all in the solution.

Even though there is just one predetermined problem per day, there is also a practice mode, which is a wonderful addition. And given how challenging it is, you might need it.

If Quordle proves to be too challenging for you, you may choose one of the Wordle equivalents on our list of the top alternatives, but if you want an even more challenging test, we suggest Squabble or Octordle.


We also like the new Heardle, which is like Wordle for pop music, as well as the Wordle clone Worldle, which is based on geography, the SWordle, which is based on Star Wars, and the Mathler.

However, the original is still the greatest, so if you won’t have a chance to play, don’t forget to look at the best Wordle start words and the day’s Wordle solution.


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