Apple Watch ‘Extreme Sports’ edition to feature bigger display and battery


Gurman is very specific on this one.

The alleged tough Apple Watch continues to gain more information.

Apple will release a “extreme sports” version of the Apple Watch Series 8 this fall, claims Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. It will appear alongside the normal Apple Watch Series 8 and an update to the Apple Watch SE and be a brand-new edition to the Apple Watch portfolio.


The source claims that the ruggedized Apple Watch will have a larger display, a larger battery, and metal housing.

The forthcoming Apple Watch targeted at extreme sports enthusiasts will include Apple Inc.’s largest smartwatch display to date, a larger battery, and a tough metal shell, according to people with knowledge of the project.

The display size of the tough version will expand by 7% from the largest size it now has to roughly two inches diagonally. According to the source, the new display would have a resolution of 410 by 502 pixels.


Although the precise type of metal Apple will employ in the rugged version of the watch is presently unknown, given that it is geared at fans of extreme sports, it is most likely to be a lighter metal. What kind of improvement in battery life customers might anticipate is likewise unknown.

Gurman continues by stating that both the Apple Watch SE upgrade and the basic Apple Watch Series 8 will keep their current screen sizes.

A new, normal Apple Watch Series 8 will maintain the 1.9-inch diagonal screen size of the existing Apple Watch Series 7, but the rugged version of the Apple Watch will feature a screen that measures almost 2 inches diagonally. The present screen size of the entry-level Apple Watch SE will also be maintained in the upcoming upgrade.


Anyone who has worn out their current watch practicing more intense sports or needs a longer battery life for activities like trekking, backpacking, and marathons will undoubtedly be a fan of the latest Apple Watch model. The market for smartwatch owners who now choose other brands like Garmin is undoubtedly what the firm is aiming for.

At an event in September, it’s anticipated that the Apple Watch Series 8 would be unveiled with the iPhone 14.

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