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Apple Releases Apple TV Siri Remote Firmware Update


Today, Apple updated the Siri Remote software from version 9M6772 to 10M1103 by releasing fresh firmware for the device. The program is for the upgraded Siri Remote, also known as the gray remote with the revised interface, which was introduced in May 2021. The upgraded firmware will appear as 0x0070, up from 0x0061, in the Apple TV settings.

There is no information on what is new with the Apple TV Siri Remote, although it probably consists of a few minor performance and bug fixes. Apple frequently upgrades the firmware on its hardware products, though it typically doesn’t say what exactly has changed.

Additionally, Apple does not offer instructions on how to update the Siri Remote; however, the software will be downloaded and installed automatically via the Apple TV. The most recent Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD models come with the upgraded Siri Remote, and it is also available separately.


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