Android Auto bug is randomly blowing up icons to hilarious sizes


Android Auto has become almost useless due to reports of larger icons.

Android Auto is a fantastic feature to have, particularly for lengthy road journeys, but it has been acting strangely lately. The program is now causing icons to swell to ridiculous proportions.

In comparison to previous concerns with Google Maps becoming stuck in dark mode on Android Auto, this is a minor issue. It’s true that the larger icons do take up more screen area, making it difficult for the driver to see much else. It’s fortunate that Google is already working on a solution.


After upgrading to an Android 12 phone, one user reported this problem to Google’s support forum(opens in new tab) and Reddit(opens in new tab). There are three key icons (Home, notification, and voice command toggle) that take up half the display in Android Auto’s accompanying graphic, rather than just a small portion of it at the bottom.

In the screenshots we’ve seen, app icons on the homescreen seem to be untouched by the bug.

Other commentators have remarked that they experience the same problem, regardless of the kind of phone or automobile they own. A similar issue was discovered earlier this year, mostly impacting Oppo and Xiaomi phones, indicating that this has been an issue for a while now.


This time around, the number of linked complaints seems to be minimal, indicating that there isn’t a widespread issue. OnePlus and Xiaomi smartphones seem to be among those affected by the problem, according to reports. However, this isn’t only an issue with their phones; reports suggest that the same issue has also occurred with the Samsung Galaxy A53.

Because it’s occurring on many versions of Android Auto, we don’t know what’s causing it. The use of other cables to test whether it made any difference has also been reported by users, but they have had no luck with those attempts.

This isn’t the only problem Android 12 has had with Android Auto. Android Auto customers using Samsung Galaxy S22 phones have already received an update from Google to address cable-related difficulties. Users of the Google Pixel 6 last year also experienced problems with the app not properly opening.


The fact that Google has acknowledged the problem of larger icons suggests that a remedy is on the way. For the time being, if you’re having trouble using Android Auto on your phone, you may be better off utilizing the built-in driving mode in Android 12. Be aware of the dangers of using your phone while driving. Start with a look at the top-rated automotive phone mounts.

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