MagSafe 3 Charging Cable now in New interesting Colors for MacBook


A USB-C to MagSafe 3 charging connection that matches the MacBook Air’s space gray, midnight, and starry hues is now available for $49 from Apple. The cable was previously exclusively available in silver.

Even though the new MacBook Air comes with a color-matched MagSafe 3 charging cable preinstalled, users who need a second or a replacement may now acquire the cable through Apple’s online shop.

In addition, the connection is compatible with the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models that were produced in 2013. Since Apple elected to provide a silver MagSafe 3 cable with the Space Gray MacBook Pro, buyers who bought this model will now have a matching MagSafe 3 connection for their new MacBook Pro.


Via MagSafe technology, the cable may be attached to a MacBook using magnets. So that the MacBook doesn’t fall over if someone stumbles over the wire, it automatically releases. For extra durability, the cable has a braided weave and is two meters long.

It is now possible to pre-order the new MacBook Air before it goes on sale on July 15. Apple’s new M2 CPU powers the laptop, which has a 13.6-inch screen with a notch and smoother corners. The new MacBook Air begins at $1,199, while the old edition with the M1 CPU is still available for $999.

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