WhatsApp tipped to get a group calls feature upgrade


Individuals in WhatsApp group calls can now be muted.

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The ability to mute individual users on group calls is being added to WhatsApp, so that the person who might be accidently far too loud can be stopped without making a fuss.

In addition to Will Cathcart, leader of the Meta WhatsApp team who tweeted that: “You can now mute or message particular persons on a conversation (excellent for when someone forgets to muffle themselves!) and we’ve included a useful indication so you can more quickly detect when additional people join large calls,”


This feature may be misused, but when used properly, it can assist keep things more orderly during a conference call. Even if we’ve never experienced it, we’ve all been on a video conversation that was rudely interrupted by a participant who didn’t realize their sound was not muted until it was revealed to them.

To avoid any unwanted echoing, you may be in a room with another person who is on the same group video conference as you.


This is especially useful if you want to catch someone up on what they’ve missed or to make sure that someone doesn’t say something that might not go down well with the other participants.

It will also be easier to message or even mute someone on large group calls thanks to a new indication that shows when someone has joined a call.

As part of WhatsApp’s continual effort to make life easier for its customers, the option to transfer chats from Android to iPhone and “silently” abandon group chats were only two of the most recent enhancements.


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