Apple AirTag 2 just rumored despite safety concerns


Apple’s AirTag is still a popular product, and a new version may be in the works.

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In spite of safety concerns, a new version of the Apple AirTag may be released if the current model is successful.

Based on the fact that Apple’s key finder is likely to reach 35 million units sold by the end of 2022, analyst and accurate Apple tipster Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that a second-generation AirTag could be coming. There is a good chance Apple may refresh the AirTag if sales continue at this high a level of success.


Perhaps the prospect of even more AirTags is a little unnerving. Since the launch of the AirTag, we’ve reported on Apple’s efforts to prevent the tracker from being used for unlawful or questionable purposes. One recent alleged murder has been related to AirTag stalking, and there have been numerous more police reports mentioning AirTag stalking.

Because of this, we’ve already urged that Apple should discontinue selling the AirTag. For non-iPhone users, this is especially true, as many of Apple’s security features require iOS to be used.

Many software updates, as well as an Android app to assist Android users in scanning for AirTags, have been released by Apple in response to these incidents and criticisms since February 2022. Perhaps a new version of the AirTags could be the answer to this problem.


Apple would be able to implement tougher additional security measures to make abusing the trackers much more difficult if it were given the opportunity to change the AirTag’s hardware. It’s also vital that non-Apple devices can find them with a new update. The problems produced by the current generation would not be solved, but it could help prevent further occurrences.

There’s a good chance Apple won’t issue an AirTag 2 for several more years. To ensure that the current AirTag is as secure as possible, Apple needs to keep updating its software.


As a precaution, we’ve created a guide on how to spot an AirTag stalker so you’ll know what to look for and what to do if you come across one.

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