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How to sign up Sony registration for invite-only PS5 restocks


Your chances of snagging a PS5 will be boosted.

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This month, finding a restocked Sony PS5 console is proving to be a challenge. In the meantime, players may still sign up for Sony Direct’s invite-only PS5 refill events. A PS5 or an invite is not guaranteed, but signing up does boost your chances of receiving that coveted communication from Sony with an invite only link. Requests for PS5 drops from Amazon are also being accepted.

We don’t know when (or if) Sony will close enrollment, so hurry up and sign up! Registrations are still being accepted as of June 20. The only three surprise restocks Sony has held for the general public since the beginning of 2022 have been invitation-only restocks. As a result, now more than ever, it is critical that you join their email list. In the broader public, Sony hasn’t restocked since April 25. Sony could hold a replenishment to divert attention from Amazon’s 48-hour Prime Day sale.


This month’s competition for a PlayStation 5 console is strong, so any edge goes a long way. Through this Sony link, players with a PlayStation Online ID can register for Sony’s invite-only PS5 drops (opens in new tab). If you’ve signed up for an invitation on the Sony website, you’ll begin receiving them directly from the company. The day, time, and instructions for purchasing a PS5 will be emailed to you if you’ve been selected.

In the event that you don’t receive anything, you were not chosen. “Selection is based on previous interests and PlayStation activity,” according to the Sony website. Walmart has begun offering restocks for its Walmart Plus members if they haven’t been picked. At this time, there is no confirmation that there will be additional restocks; nonetheless, it is plausible. Register for Walmart Plus with these steps).

How to get a PS5 if you don’t receive an invite

Not everything is lost if you do not receive an invitation from Sony. In the event of an invitation-only PS5 resupply, Sony usually opens its virtual line to the general public. However, it isn’t necessarily assured that they will. There haven’t been many open restocks recently.


A public resupply of consoles, if any are left over from the invite-only event, usually occurs after it is over. (Usually an hour or two after the start of the original drop). If you’d like, you can save our PS5 resupply page to your favorites, and we’ll notify you when Sony Direct and other major U.S. retailers announce new PS5 replenishment information.

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