Google Pixel Watch tipped to copy this from the Apple Watch


Multiple strap variations for the Google Pixel Watch are possible for launch.

image credits: 9to5google

One of the nicest features of the Apple Watch could make its debut on the Google Pixel Watch. A recent story claims that the Google wristwatch will feature interchangeable straps, allowing you to customize your look.

According to 9to5Google(opens in a new tab), at least seven different strap designs will be available for the Pixel Watch when it launches. According to reports, they include a mesh band, a link bracelet, a fabric band, two different types of leather, and a stretchable band like Apple’s Solo Loop.


At Google I/O last month, the company also unveiled a more traditional silicone strap for the Pixel Watch.

For the Pixel Watch to be a success and make our list of the best smartwatches, Google needs people to actually want to buy one. Because it doesn’t force customers to wear a certain look or style on any given day, a wide choice of replaceable straps at launch helps.

This might be the beginning of Google’s foray into personalization, similar to Apple’s approach with the Apple Watch. Third-party accessory producers are likely to get in on the fun as well, and Google may offer more strap options in the future.


Because the Pixel Watch uses a proprietary strap connector, third-party straps will need to be developed before they can be made available to the general public. How long it will take depends on how proactive the accessory-makers are and whether they’re already working.

Even with a unique band, a shoddy Pixel Watch won’t sway buyers. The smartwatch’s success or failure will be determined by how well it performs its primary function: keeping time. Although the Apple Watch 7’s battery life isn’t the longest, we’ve previously heard that it may only last one day (18 hours).

Thanks to Google-owned Fitbit, we already know the Pixel Watch will look good and track your fitness. One Tom’s Guide employee is so tempted to convert to Android because of the Pixel Watch’s advantages in these areas.


When the Pixel Watch is released later this year, we’ll learn more. This fall, Google stated that the watch would be released alongside the Google Pixel 7 and the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

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